By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Stevenston
  Today, the guy I like and his friend came home with me to work on a project. I opened my front door and my mum was at the top of the stairs completely naked, bent over, drying her hair with the hairdryer. It took a few moments for her to realise we were there. FML
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  then000bster  |  16

I read the comment and thought... Hmm does she have really long hair? Hippy style length hair? Short hair?.... Then as I start reading the next comment only then does it strike me what you meant >:o

  Sputnikspak  |  13

A common way of drying longer hair so that it has increased volume is to flip your head over and dry the underneath. I imagine this is what OP is talking about, since that method involves bending over. I have thick hair and do this from time to time if I want crazy volume. Not in the nude, though. I have a very nosy dog. I can only imagine what he'd take upon himself to stick his face into.

By  geocayce  |  7

And she wasn't in the bathroom or her bedroom because...

Why wouldn't you immediately bring your presence to her attention, instead of letting your crush and friend get a prolonged look at her spread until she noticed?

  thewife5  |  19

14: the bathroom is probably at the top of the stairs. She most likely stood there for a few seconds and it felt like hours.. Poor OP. next time let your mom know you're bringing company home and then remind her a million times. How embarrassing.