By Anonymous - 06/11/2012 18:29 - United States - Monson

Today, I started my new job as the only IT tech for my office. My first task: untangling the hundred mice the previous tech tied together for "fun". FML
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I seriously thought you meant literal mice for a second there...

Shit, at least you have a job


Shit, at least you have a job

Your comment depresses me. :(

theHIGHroad2 5

His comment pisses me off.

His comment is true.

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38- It is true, but it gets annoying when people think that just because you have a job, you have NO reason to complain ever again. Yes, it's great having a job when some people can't find work- but shitty stuff still happens, and people should be allowed to get upset about it.

I might take this as a warning sign. The job could have pushed this other guy to the point of tying the mouses together. People do some crazy things when they want to be fired

I'm not saying that at all! I have a job and if I wanted to sit down and complain about it I could. I just could 23's comment unnecessary.

55: unemployment is at a high right now (counting the people accepting unemployment AND the people who have run out of unemployment checks and are still searching for jobs) so I have no idea what you're talking about? (note this is not to start some debate about politics, whoever wins the presidency tonight, the economy will still be in bad shape)

I seriously thought you meant literal mice for a second there...

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Being able to tie a hundred living mice together would be quite a skill!

Who said they would be alive?

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Very true. My bad...

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Thought the same thing too. I had to re-read it.

8 its easy, just intoxicate all of them or put them all to sleep. THEN tie them together by their tails.

Me too, I was like, now how was that managed?

I'm still not understanding this..HELP?

Ok never mind, I got it! Computer mice, lol

I realized he was referring to the computer device and at first thought referring to the plural form as "mice" was incorrect grammar so I researched it and it's apparently acceptable. Huh.

#2 - I read it that way for a second, too! The thought of 100 dead rodents tied together and left there by a previous, sociopathic IT tech makes the FML more interesting, to say the least. After the FML where the OP found a human corpse while cleaning their yard, I wouldn't be surprised... *shudder*

58- so what did you think was the right grammar? I've always heard them called mice...

I'm pretty sure on computers they are called mouses.

Actually, if you want to get technical 62, a computer mouse was originally an acronym for Manually-Operated User-Select Equipment, therefor referring to them plurally as "mice" is grammatically incorrect, but however it is considered socially acceptable.

Actually, if you want to get technical 62, mouse was originally an acronym for Manually-Operated User-Select Equipment, therefor referring to them plurally as "mice" is grammatically incorrect, however it is socially acceptable.

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Wow! Learn something new everyday!

What I pictured here when I read this was a ratking (Google image it if you don't know what that is).

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So I'm not the only one......

63, I used to work in IT and I would order mice, not mouses. Mice is the correct terminology when speaking of multiple computer mice. I didn't even think the OP was speaking about a lot of live mice for a moment.

Whose idea of fun is that???

watermelon1 35

The guy that worked there before him.

3 - I don't imagine tying them together is that amusing, but me and my OCD would have a hoot and a half untangling them!

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35, after seeing "a hoot and a half", my mind reread your entire comment in Sheldon Cooper's voice. c:

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Atleast it's easier then having an actual project to do. :)

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That was his project thanks to the previous guy

Hense why they are no longer employed there.

Thank you Captain Obvious.

You're welcome, Captain Dickhead.

No problem Sargent Sarcasm

I appreciate it, Ambassador Asshole.

Well, no wonder they hired a new employee if that's what the old one did instead of working...

TheDrifter 23

Ah, the wrath of a bored nerd. Our last one swapped all the wireless receivers between computers when he left.

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Creative geeks! Sometimes we need a little stress relief.

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Sounds like the 'job' we all have to do with our damn headphone cords. At least you're getting paid for it.

eh it's how you start out. I had to rebuild a ton of computers when I did.

At least you didn't have to untangle 100 damn pairs of headphones those things take forever to untangle