By Dog_Lover - 18/12/2012 15:30 - Canada - Montreal

Today, a friend informed me that my dog's name means "penis" in Greek. I live in a predominantly Greek neighbourhood, and apparently I've been screaming for "dong" every evening for the past 3 years. No wonder they don't talk to me much. FML
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bigtaytay 13
klovemachine 24

How dare you leave that mess, penis!!

I love my penis,on Sunday nights I sit on the couch and do nothing but pet him

Penis gets excited every time someone comes over

B_CeouL 12

Oh penisss! Where arrree yoouuu...

I used to love my penis... but then I had to put him down. :(

BlueFlatts 20

Come penis. Penis, get your ball.

tsent8 15

Penis quit drooling all over my girlfriend!!!

hey girls, wanna come over and pet my penis?

brittanyrmh_ 12

"Please excuse the mess Penis left on the carpet, he's not trained yet."

Penis pisses me off sometimes, slobbering everywhere.

can somebody help me find my penis? he's a hairly little thing that loves to hump everything that moves.

Does it look awkward when I yell "pussy" at my cats? Just roll with it, you know you love your little Dong, Op.

The comments on this fml are funnier than the actual fml itself.

tsent8 15

Hehe little dong. Not mans best friend anymore huh?

What kind of name is "Dong" for a dog anyway?

"Dong" isn't the actual name, but what the name meant. OP was just using it as an example.

Puckfan21 2

Thank you. I was going to say the same thing.

Airman1988 9

Wow people need to brush up on their reading comprehension..

murphdarkly 13

I think she was actually yelling poutsos, or something like that 'dong' was just her translating it to English.

Now you know what the creepy people who show up at your doorstep want...

That would be funny just hearing someone scream for penis everyday. It would make it that much funnier if you're a guy.

In otherwords middle school all over again?

Middle school!? Maybe in high school but most people don't get the dong until high school

There was a 6th grader here who openly admitted to sex alot..

No 46, the classic dare in middle school is to yell "PENIS!!" as loud as you can without getting caught.

Lets be honest. Someone yelling penis without realizing it would make any aged man laugh a little.

yousuck44 11

You mean the penis game? Each person yell penis and at each turn you get louder.

Oh my bad ahah. I prefer playing the bomb game on airplanes...

I feel like that game would get you shot and sent to some hole in midle of desert to rot..

#52 - yes, because no teen/preteen has ever lied about their sexual experiences to seem more mature, cool, etc

robo_thunder 13

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CharresBarkrey 15
The_Tool1 13

That would be weird for them.. They just hear you yelling PENIS! PENIS!

Steve95401 49

If OP was a guy, I'd say that they're just yanking her 3rd leg about the dog's name.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

OP didn't know what was wrong, Until he found his dog's name was Dong. That was the problem all along. This is the end of my song.

If that was a concert I'd throw you my thong.

Werken247 14
Sir_ND_Pity 35

That stuff makes you go ape crazy, like King Kong

klovemachine 24
lukep135 6

This whole thread is just wrong wrong, wrong!

B_CeouL 12

This just keeps going back and forth like pong

jellycorn 13

This thread is going for far too long

BryanThaMan 14

Although this comes in the form of two-prong time to finish the thread nice and strong

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Dings his cat, and if ding isn't his cat. He's definitely doing it wrong