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  drayloon  |  50

The dog is male but the parents thought it was female

Also just for goofs, you should probably proofread your replies to make sure you didn't forget any words lol

  riahlum  |  12

Pretty sure by "thought they were talking about the pet until" meant she thought it was about the dog and then realized it was about her.

By  jentrynicole  |  20

It could've been that your mom accidentally called your pet a her.

Or it could just be then joking between each other about you. I'm sure they still love you and just thought they were being funny.

  chinaski7628  |  32

My family tends to be very sarcastic. We aren't very good with feelings, but we're great with jokes. To outsiders, it can seem like we're really mean to each other, but that's just how we are. All families work in different ways. Most likely it was a joke.

  leogachi  |  15

@24 Everyone talks about other people when they aren't around. It's only a bad thing if you wouldn't say those things to the person's face.