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Not either, necessarily. Parents around here teach their young children all kinds of obscure words so they can have their kids show off. It's pretty ridiculous.
Some kids also pick up random words from TV - my daughter was telling everyone what a proboscis was when she was about 4, because she saw it on Magic School Bus. She's not a prodigy, just very observant and has a good memory.

  allard  |  14

Oh... Wait..
Oh.. I see.. Hang on....
If I tilt my head this.. No..
Hold up.. Uh...

Nope, I still have no idea what that's supposed to mean.

  rockstar362  |  8

The juicy j song "bandz make her dance" is saying bands( as in rubber bands around stacks of money) will make a girl dance (and more). How that has anything to do with this FML is beyond me

  perdix  |  29

#42, one syllable at a time.

My dad taught me that word when I was in about third-grade and I freaked people out using it.

It's coal miners' black lung disease.

  Tigerblossom  |  19

That was one of my spelling words in fourth grade. I loved impressing adults by spelling it.

At least in this story it seems the child is pretty smart. A new hope for the next generation?