By Toby's.Mom. - United States - Houston

Your kid is a boffin

Today, I heard my son use the word "exacerbated". I had to look it up to see if he had correctly used it, which he had, because I couldn't remember what it meant. I'll be 23 next week. He's not even 4. FML
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By  Isa_fml  |  20

Says the douche who can't even spell college, lmao. Shoo, troll. Back under your bridge.

By  GhostFox  |  33

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By  alternative-facts  |  6

That's awesome OP! Just think of your son as a walking thesaurus, there for you whenever you need a word like exacerbated or obstreperous or idiosyncrasy. And very useful for crossword puzzles too! But seriously, the commenter who urged you to read to your son is right. It's amazing the difference a book or three a night can make in a kid's vocabulary and overall knowledge. It's especially good for boys, who are sometimes reluctant readers (like my son was). Your son is off to a good start. Keep it up!

By  Isa_fml  |  20

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By  ThePandoricaOpen  |  18

Happens to the best of us OP. Hell, I am 23, and I still occasionally have to look up words to make sure I'm using them correctly. Just keep encouraging your kid, who knows? you just might have the next J.K. Rowling on your hands. :)