By bull-stuff - 18/01/2013 03:48 - United States - Columbia

Today, a bull escaped from the small farm down the street. It ended up in my yard and would not let me outside. I called animal control, who said, "We only deal with regular animals." FML
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Maybe you can ask the owners of the small farm down the street to come pick up their rogue irregular bull? Just be sure to stay between him and the fine china to avert a real catastrophe.

15- I really want to cover golf balls in sandpaper and shove them up your asshole after reading your comment. Come on now.


Damn OP that is some Bulls#it!!!!!

Maybe you can ask the owners of the small farm down the street to come pick up their rogue irregular bull? Just be sure to stay between him and the fine china to avert a real catastrophe.

Mythbusters taught me that bulls don't really like ceramic items and they avoid them like the plague :-)

Yeah, Animal Control isn't helpful where I live either. sorry OP.

Same here. They won't even deal with rabbid raccoons... So people call the police instead, as if we can do anything about it.

I know that's some bullshit right there...

I live next to a cattle farm and the cows always break through the electrical fence. They make quite the mess in my front yard when they shit EVERYWHERE.

Once I found a dead dog, so I called animal control. They told me to put it in a bag and drag it back to my front door so they could pick it up. Fuck animal control.

In my area, it's actually good. Some neighbors of mine tracked a stray dog they saw to my house. After we cornered it, animal control came. They found out she had a chip using a machine. Hopefully the owner(s) will be reunited with the dog. Animal control isn't bad everywhere.

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Don't all of you people have like a shotgun in the umbrella stand and a few handguns laying around? Go shoot it.

Yay, free steak for everyone.

I'd say its trespassing. And dangerous as fuck. Clearly OP was acting in self defense.

Really, 14? You don't think a bull is dangerous? Good. Keep believing that, and do me a favor and walk out in front of the next one you see.

Yeah 14, he's safe as long as he's not waving a red blanket for all to see in his front lawn.

I own a few guns but wouldn't be able to personal take an animals' life. If it was charging at me, that's a different story but the OP is indoors and out of harm's way. There's no threat to kill the bull.

33- I've worked on a couple farms, an trust me, if you don't mess around it will usually stay away. Even if you do get close, most will just run away.

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@56, there is a lot of myths associated with bulls. Most people have never really had to do anything with one so they just continue the myths.

My favourite animal is steak.

36. people have to go out of their house sometimes, you know. You know, to go to work/school, buy groceries, etc.

What's so irregular about a bull?!

I totally agree! I mean, I just took my bull to a bull park, and let him run around with other bulls. And then we played fetch!!!

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Animal control usually deals with stray dogs/cat, and vermin infestations, so it's unlikely that they have the equipment or facilities to deal with such a large animal that is quite dangerous.

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Shoulda said the bill has had plenty of fibre so come please

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"Sorry sir that animal is classified under the irregular BAF category, Big As F*ck!!"

oh? and playing fetch is cool though?

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That's just a bunch of bull!

and they couldn't give you the phonenumber of an organisation that could help you?

That's not entirely true. Bulls don't exactly see the same way we do, with the same range of colours. I'm not sure if they see in black and white but I was told that they don't see red. The only reason they go for the red "cape" is because it's moving.