By Anonymous - 10/02/2015 14:51 - United Kingdom - Cambridge

Today, a cute girl was telling me about her weird fetishes. I jokingly said, "Remind me never to have sex with you". She replied, "Don't worry, I have standards". FML
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Well, you asked for it!

apply cold water to that burn..


apply cold water to that burn..

Maybe some IcyHot cream will do for that burned pride...

I believe you meant to say was "Hope ya got some burn heal!"

hugozac88 22

#1 that's a burn about a burn......that's a second degree burn!!

33, I will Seismic toss you for that!

YDI for being judgmental dude. You probably would've gotten into that stuff if you got to do it with her.

Assuming OP was actually judging her...

JMichael 25

Pretty sure OP said he jokingly said it.

#7 true but he also said weird which is in fact judging. granted we all judge but if he had not it would have been "this cute girl was telling me about her fetishes..." adding the weird is the judgmental part IMHO

#25 saying weird would come off as judgemental but it's all about how you say it. If it's jokingly then it should be taken lightly. Alot of things people say can be rude but when they say it like a joke you just laugh.

She could have been continuing the joke by returning the banter..

Very true #41. Just the way OP phrased it, made her sound like she wasn't taking the joke

So no one is going to ask why this girl was just talking about her sex fetishes to OP?

I don't think that op was judging her at all, first off he was joking. And secondly even if he said weird, he just meant weird to him, as in his personal preferences, that's not judging. But even still op clearly said he was joking.

Well, you asked for it!

incoherentrmblr 21

He walked right into it...

Amen, my friend.

Those standards might include lots of leather and hooks. You're good.

Isn't that a normal thing ? I'm thinking fried chicken and applesauce at a Luke warm temperature.

Those aren't weird. Applesauce baths are so soothing and slick and rather enticing. They are also guaranteed as an aphrodisiac. A...friend...told me.

How much applesauce do you need to make a bath out of it? :s

All of a sudden I'm hungry and turned on. Imma go fry something and take a bath.... Exactly 40 gallons in my tub...

A weedeater, a live chicken, and some peach preserves.

I normally don't like bush whacking as foreplay but this sound interesting .... Do the preserved peaches come in a mason jar?

36- I thought it was a Weed Eater, live chicken, and some Cool Whip?

She was probably joking as well, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Well you were kind of asking for it.

If the fetishes are as weird as the FML implies, you're better off without her

After you told her that her fetishes are weird, I'm not surprised at the response, you prude.

If you dish em be prepared to take em.

mr_aaaaaaaa 12

So u joked about her fetish and she said u didn't fit her standard...kind fair and nothing lose