By Anonymous - 20/04/2013 23:08 - United States - Denver

Today, I overheard the guy I like talking to one of his friends about me. His friend asked if he and I were dating, to which he replied, "No way, dude. I have standards." FML
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some people are just shallow.

saves you time otherwise wasted pursuing an asshole. take the good from it!


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hence why it was posted on FML -_-

kglambert24 8

some people are just shallow.

I don't think it's shallow it sounds like they have talked at. the absolute least, so he might have standards as in personality like they just are not compatible.

Not every guy has to like every girl.

RpiesSPIES 27

I agree with #39. I would only ever date a girl whom was very into video games as I am, because that's how my standards have been set... Even if they were 'hot' and all over me I wouldn't date them if they don't love games. This is because I know for a fact my life wouldn't be as happy w/o a gamer girl in it. Standards are not always based on looks. There are MANY other things that can be judged by standards.

Standards could also involve the girl not being a massive ****.

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Or some people just have standards. Nothing wrong with that.

sammyjanette 17

#45 I totally agree, and I think the reverse is true also. Though it does make me curious the amount of thumbs up comments that whinge about the friend zone get.

saves you time otherwise wasted pursuing an asshole. take the good from it!

Off topic, the shadow on your face made it look like you had a beard. On topic, I totally agree! I've had some experience with jerks.. Not fun. Be glad you dodged that bullet, OP!

CharresBarkrey 15

14 - I thought the same thing. I clicked on her picture to see if she was pulling her hair over her mouth.

14, 16: it is a finger-shadow-stache, ty for noticing, and it is intentional! :P and effective, apparently.

He's a *******. I think you're the one who can do better.

Then he was an asshole unworthy of your affections anyway. Better luck next time OP

you should be like 'i have standards to. like a guy with a bigger dick'. lol

That doesn't even make sense. "I have standards too. I prefer guys who aren't ******* assholes" would have been a better response.

The saying "fight fire with fire" is not a good one, sir. When you fight fire with fire it will only make the flames bigger.

Actually some times fire fighters do fight fire with fire they'll set one to clear the area of brush so that the larger one can't spread past it

What the hell? Clearly his idea of "standards" are nothing but shit. What an ass. You deserve better anyways, OP.

Maybe he's one of those men that says mean things to the person they like. But that was truly cruel of him to say that.

If that's the case then he shouldn't be called a "man", because that's something immature boys do.

I'm guessing OP and her crush aren't in elementary school. In which case, he's far too old for the "picking on the one you like" crap.

I guess he's not your favorite guy anymore.

Maybe what he ment was that he has some really low standards and you are way too high up in the standards hierarchy.