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  tacojauns  |  45

I don't think it's shallow it sounds like they have talked at. the absolute least, so he might have standards as in personality like they just are not compatible.

  RpiesSPIES  |  27

I agree with #39. I would only ever date a girl whom was very into video games as I am, because that's how my standards have been set... Even if they were 'hot' and all over me I wouldn't date them if they don't love games. This is because I know for a fact my life wouldn't be as happy w/o a gamer girl in it.
Standards are not always based on looks. There are MANY other things that can be judged by standards.

  sammyjanette  |  17

#45 I totally agree, and I think the reverse is true also. Though it does make me curious the amount of thumbs up comments that whinge about the friend zone get.

  poopsi  |  19

Off topic, the shadow on your face made it look like you had a beard. On topic, I totally agree! I've had some experience with jerks.. Not fun. Be glad you dodged that bullet, OP!