By longday - 25/07/2010 06:13 - Canada

Today, I managed to multitask too much at work. I turned around, adjusted my glasses, swept hair out of my face, and blinked. In the process I walked into my manager, causing me to simultaneously punch myself in the mouth. FML
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ArtIsResistance7 1

Boom! Headshot. IMO: Slow down. Life is easier at a relaxed pace.

kgraham21 0

I clicked YDI only because 123 people said "FYL" and 44 said "YDI" so I just had to make it go 123 45 across.


ArtIsResistance7 1

Boom! Headshot. IMO: Slow down. Life is easier at a relaxed pace.

LOLAGE WTF does OP mean?

ArtIsResistance7 1

Oh, Pendatik.

Orange penis! so we just call the fml writer an orange penis cuz it makes us feel better that we have no lifes to do this! (OP really means Original Poater)

kgraham21 0

I clicked YDI only because 123 people said "FYL" and 44 said "YDI" so I just had to make it go 123 45 across.

FYL_hardd 0

How is doing that multi-tasking? :S

LMFAOwned 9

Girls. Huh. Lol

iSitt 0

rule#4:double tap

956TXking 0

this fml is stupid

xMaNNiNGx119 0

YDI for not having glasses

LOL. Only a girl would consider messing with her hair, glasses, and blinking "multi-tasking" at work.

OP here. Well no, its not multitaksing because they're not four different tasks (though I was also making stuff at the time), i just thought the wording was funny. Figures, I forget to log in and the story goes through :P

TaylorTotsYumm 10

OP = orgasmic pandas

13: I definitely would've done the same. :D

Thunderbender 2

POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER... yeh someone had to say it.

wow what kind of dumb ass spaz fucks that up. I bet you can't walk and chew gum the same time too.

Dear OP, Please, please tell me you don't drive.

TerraDiablo 0

lol I have tht shirt!!!

That's hardly multitasking. Well, maybe it is for you. A valuable skill in your job at Burger King.

kgraham21 0

Hey! I work at Burger King! I'm only 16 but that's not the point.

As I mentioned above, it's only worded that way for humour. The actual multitasking was pretty mundane so it isn't really relevant to the story. Church's Chicken, actually. You're close. Just doing this shit to pay for college so I can get an actual job that doesn't involve self-entitled morons. :P

ydi for multitasking :P

its_tuesday 6 how did she diserve this? she's clumsy. and how do we know it wasn't her manager's fault for standing inconveniently in the way? standing near clumsy people is dangerous.

It was mutual, he walked into me at the same time. But yes, I am extremely clumsy.

if only those eyes of yours were in a decent face.

So... with your hand adjusting your glasses around your eyes (unless you've been wearing them very wrongly - maybe that's why you didn't see your manager?) and sweeping your hair AWAY from your face, how exactly did it manage to punch you in the mouth? Side of the head I could believe; maybe even your nose. But your mouth?

It was just my bangs, they just require a flick to get them out of my face while my finger gets back to getting my glasses in front of my eyes. since I adjust my glasses while holding one side of the frame instead of the part the goes back behind my ear, my hand was directly in front of my face. Walking into my manager resulted in the half-fist going right into my teeth. :V

You call THAT multitasking? What are you, retarded?

transcedental 18

woah x_X i was going to say the exact same thing :D

That is not multitasking apparently you don't know the meaning of multitasking.

19 Holy shit you look like that guy from the AT&T commercial where he meets that chick on the train and their kid becomes the president n' junk! And you look like the guy from the StateFarm commercial too! Omg!

OP should try playing drums

@25 uhhh thanks?

Tauren 0

Are you really this boring?

Oh NO! You're life is terrible.. this isn't an FML...

Posted for laughs, sir. Everyone at work got a laugh out of it, I just thought I'd share.

AmoraLynn 6

Oh my goodness people, this was obviously posted to give the readers a good chuckle. OP good for you for being able to laugh at yourself.