By dontfencemein - 22/07/2011 04:25 - United States

Today, I paid $5000 for a new fence in my backyard for my dogs. My dog escaped three hours after the contractor finished the fence. FML
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lmaoatall 6

your dogs fml- today, our owners spent $5000 to contain us. $5000 could have bought us toys and treats for a couple of years. **** this, we are oughta here.


Was it their fault? Sue them if it was.

lukehappygilmore 4

YDI for not teaching your dog to talk and reason with him about what he wants.

HowAreYouToday 34

I think that these "helpful comments" just ruin the lolling for everyone else. It's like being logical while talking to a clown. It is totally uncalled for.

how would it be the contractors fault, I'm sure the contact didn't state one military grade prison fence, and I can't imagine a contractor that would offer the assurance it's "dog proof".

MrFlintstone 5

5000 dollars for a fence!!!!!! damn did you put a fence around the state of Rhode Island or something? gosh

That's nothing my dog broke her leg on our new fence

your dog is a genius. do you feed it scooby snacks?


Who let the dogs out! Who, who, who, who, who?

really? it's nothing. he dog is gone and yours broke it's leg? yeah that is way worse.

smith2001 5

The op didn't say that the dog ran away, just that it had gotten out of the fence

5000$ for a fence? FYL indeed. You could have saved yourself a fortune and gone with a classic. A dog leash.

You know, you could just get better trained dogs...

So the other dogs didn't join in on the breakout?

they tried to, but the first one cut and run after getting their help

flyerfan101 9

your dogs could have dug under the fence, my dogs have done that b4

Mine have dug under, but usually they jump over. Even more often is the gate gets left open.

or how about $5000 is a ridiculous price

flyerfan101 9

it is, I have a leash in my backyard that I just put it in the ground and put my dog on the leash, it works and my dog can't run off, and I payed less then 50 bucks

My dog ran away with that idea. Watch out and make sure it is well tied down.

Don't get an electric fence, my neighbours dog was paralysed by one....

That's mean to the puppy! Tie a leash onto the clothesline. They can still run around. It's what my grandparents did to my mom. :)

Lol yeah. My mom used to jump fences. She painted the neighbors boat once... That's when they decided that more effective means of keeping her inside the fence had to be put in place. Lol. So a dog leash and a child harness was the solution! Why can't a dog harness and dog leash be put in place for the doggies. :)

Aaw! I hope you find him/her op. that sucks!

HowAreYouToday 34

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everyone shitnit dont have to bitch because you think its not cool you know . ppl care about their dogs and they dont want them to escape.

Gotta love how all of HowAreYouTodays comments have been thumbed down.

HowAreYouToday 34

actually, I got a couple thumbs up...

HowAreYouToday 34

read the replies to the first comment on the 28 year old ejaculator. I got over 20 thumbs up!!!

You have to extend the fence under the ground, either with chicken wire or some other barrier.

flyerfan101 9

the dogs could have dug under the fence, my dogs used to do that

Glitterhinoceros 14

Badass dog you got right there.