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  enopola  |  5

how would it be the contractors fault, I'm sure the contact didn't state one military grade prison fence, and I can't imagine a contractor that would offer the assurance it's "dog proof".

  flyerfan101  |  9

it is, I have a leash in my backyard that I just put it in the ground and put my dog on the leash, it works and my dog can't run off, and I payed less then 50 bucks

  wolflover44  |  5

Lol yeah. My mom used to jump fences. She painted the neighbors boat once... That's when they decided that more effective means of keeping her inside the fence had to be put in place. Lol. So a dog leash and a child harness was the solution! Why can't a dog harness and dog leash be put in place for the doggies. :)