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Today, I got my period. 10 minutes into a 3 hour exam. Apparently they are serious when they say you may not leave the room under any circumstances. FML
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obviously your professor is a man. fyl

should've yelled: "OHSHIT somebody help me!! i'm bleeding!!" xD


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no, she deserves it for being a girl

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How can you control your gender during pregnancy ??!!!??

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obviously your professor is a man. fyl

Haha definitely. I got a bloody nose halfway through a final once, but the (female) TA proctoring it let me go to the bathroom and clean up.

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this sucks. If it had a foul odor that sucks even more. Hope you weren't wearing white

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It wouldn't of, it takes longer than 3 hours to get real smelly, and plus the start of a girls period is really light so there wouldn't of even been that much blood, but still enough to soak through, and you can probably see it no matter what colour she is wearing! I feel for you!

Unless you have an IUD like I do. It makes your periods much, much, heavier. Even in the beginning it feels like someone turning a faucet on. Sorry, that was graphic...

Bulllll my period is usually heavier on the first day than on the rest. @OP: Always plan ahead.

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Every girls body and period is different.

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Yeah, they really do. You should have asked them for a couple extra scantron sheets to shove in your panties then.

You werent expecting it to happen? If you were prepared, there would be no need to rush to the bathroom. YDI for not being prepared. FYL for being a woman.

some girls get their periods on weird schedules. they can come a week early or a week late, or more. OP... FYL.

CrossY- I'm thinking you are a man... if you were a woman, you would know that not every woman can know exactly when they will have their period. Some of us have an exact 28 day cycle, but most do not. It's uncomfortable to walk around with a pad if it's unnecessary, "just in case." It's also wasteful and impractical. Besides, it she is like the approximate 60% of women who use tampons, she runs the risk of getting toxic shock syndrome if she is not actually menstruating at the time. I know you're a troll, but as a woman, I felt the need to reply to your ridiculous comment

# 84 so if it's always a week later than you expect, maybe you just have a longer than average cycle? i was like that too until i started birth control, and now my period is nearly always in the middle of the placebo pill week.

That's because the period you get while on birth control is not an actual's just a "withdrawal bleeding" from not taking the hormones anymore. That's why it can take months before woman has a regular cycle again once she gets off of BC

I think the big fail here isn't the poster's problem (although that sucks, I feel so bad for you), but the lack of knowledge guys have on this thread about women's periods. Let me set you straight. 1. We can't 'plan for it.' Yes, some women are exactly x number of days apart, but many people do not have exact periods and they can't go weeks 'planning for it.' Yes, we will carry around pads/tampons in our bags but we won't put them on for a week. 2. Periods last for 4-10 days with the average being 5-7 days. Yes, we bleed the whole time although it does get lighter at the end. 3. No, not all periods start out light and if a girl needs to go to the bathroom even during a test you should let her.

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I had a year without periods - when I was 21. Then just as suddenly they started on their own again. I haven't been able to predict when I'd have period since I was 12. Other health issues have made birth control more dangerous for me than not taking it, so once that was established I gave up on that route. 3 out of 10 women have PCOS - a disorder that causes irregular or missing periods. I don't know if I'm going to have a period this month, and if I do, if it will be 2 days or 2 weeks long. That's life

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yeah like mine always comes at a different time. but usually instead of it coming every month, i get mine every other month and it lasts for 2 weeks and the cramps are SO horribly painful that it literally makes me faint.

Tarynkd: I have been denied the bathroom after getting my period in class. I did not want to walk to the front of the classroom nor shout it out so after asking 3 times I just got up and left. I got detention but at least I didnt get blood on my ******* pants. It was a female teacher too. After discussing it with her after class, I still had to serve my detention and I "should have known and prepared a few days before" my period. **** THAT SHIT

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Least you have a good reason if you fail it

Wait. I could be wrong. But it aint that hectic in the first few hours? You could've sat it out, not like it's an overflowing tap or something. That's just strange man

Not always true... Sometimes, depending on the person, the first few hours could be heaviest... resulting in a possible several trips to the bathroom to change a super size tampon during the three hour exam..

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I'm sorry but that is just too weird. They teach even men about this in many places, including developing countries. But just so you know, it usually takes 5-7 days. For some rare people, it could be as few as 3. Oh! And also, men feel slightly more attracted to a woman when she's having her period ;)

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whoa. what about STDs and other stuff? they can't not teach you about that, can they?

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You should probably use the internet to educate yourself about sex ed, it's pretty important. Also I blame the Republicans for your ignorance.

fatehatesme- not when she's having her period, when she's ovulating. Two diff (albeit related) things. An aside... women tend to dress more provocatively when they are ovulating

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I guess I can only speak for myself, but mine usually goes for about 5 days, and is pretty light at the start, and then the second day is the heaviest, then it just lightens out after that... Id love if I could get it all over and done with in one day or a couple of hours!

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#49: Screw U 2 Hell. Republicans ain't to cause, stupid teachers are. Anyways, I learned about this when i was like, 10, so it's real stupid that sex ed was like that.

#79, first off your comment was hardly readable. Secondly, yes it is the Republicans. Good old George W. Bush (who is Republican) passed a bill that stated that states can only get federal funding for their schools if they only teach Abstinence-Only Sex Education. I took a Sociology of Reproduction class... we learned all about the terrible effects that that policy has had on young kids these days. Some schools have spread such misinformation as "Condoms don't protect you from STDs or pregnancy... AT ALL". Can you imagine?

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before I started birth control, my period started really heavily-luckily I had physical "symptoms" that warned me it would be that day (headache, cramps, etc), because otherwise within about 15 minutes I would make a huge mess- 3 hours....I don't even want to think about it, I always had a hard time with even hour long classes, and 4 hour dance practices...well my team just knew what was going on, lol to summarize- all women are different, and I can definitely understand 3 hours being a huge deal

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i'm trying to picture getting a period in a few hours...the thought of it is strangely funny. "hey, mom, i don't need those pads anymore. i just finished my period an hour ago." sorry, i'm not making fun of you, but just the idea of it...

Most women bleed over a period of about four days, although it's different for every girl.

Actually, it LOOKS like a lot of blood but a significant part of it is mucous! (They weren't squirmish at our school at sex ed.)

#43 I don't know where u heard that men feel more attracted to women on their period, but in studies I've seen relating to pheromones, this is actually when women are least fertile and least appealing to men (at least subconsciously). Women are most fertile midcycle around day 14, when they ovulate. This leads them to release pheromones, or scents that supposedly attract the opposite sex. These are weakest or nonexistent during menstruation since u can't get pregnant then. It happens with other animals too.

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i actually heard you CAN get pregnant during menstruation. but who cares anyhow. i would find that unattractive, having sex during that time of the month if i were a guy. not because you can't get pregnant, but because i can't imagine that being too fun in general, blegggh. but if people like that, to each their own.

Well, the reason you can get pregnant is that it takes a few days for the sperm to travel up through your fallopian tubes to your ovaries. Usually ovulation starts 3-7 days after your period ends. Therefore, it's definitely possible to get pregnant having sex while having your period. The best time to have sex with a less chance of getting pregnant is actually right before your period starts or right at the beginning.

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for some people yes - when I was in highschool, I averaged a 7 day period with a 3 week break in between, and it was insanely heavy for 6 days (needed double protection). 3-5 days is much more common.

It's def not the republicans fault weather or not what is taught bout health ed

"can't not" - contradiction there. You are saying "can not not".

maybe you can explain this? hopefully they will retake the exam or something. FYL