By :) - 22/04/2010 17:37 - Greece

Today, I was getting my portrait done. The artist told me to smile. He looked at me, then said, "Oh, don't smile." FML
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Maybe you look more dignified when not smiling?

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Hahaha "say che.. Holy shit, nevermind!" haha


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ydi for not knowing this!

Peacemaker9 7

u do!!!!!

-10 lol this reminded me of Chandler from frnds! :D

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When I smile it is kinda scary. Hence that is why I don't smile much. HAHAHA So either YDI or FML because if you have yellow teeth YDI. So that is why I put both. Get some teeth cleaner...and brush!!

Yeah, basically like that xD

hahaha chandlers so great (:

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bring it on

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I was just gonna say, this reminded me of bring it on

hahaha chandlers so great (:

at least Chandler knew that he is not photogenic when he!!!

hmm...i see i said that twice... /:

do you have summer teeth, some are here, some are there ? or did you grow up in a country that does not flouridate their water. dont get me wrong i like girls in trailer parks who give pencil sharpner oral though.

FreeRunn3r 12

Damn you have an ugly smile then,or maybe you were trying to hard.

Ritaa_fml 4

I'm sorry about your teeth problems :( I once saw this kid who didn't have his baby teeth pulled in time and he had his permanent teeth sticking straight out on the top part of his gum. I like to whine about my overbite that makes me look like a 12-year-old but oral surgery shit is much worse.

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Awh, that sucks, 26!D:

lmao!! reminds me of that one part on bring it on

rohosoccer08 1

I love friends! favorite show ever!

-36 agreed. :D

36 & 37, agree! I own all 10 seasons!

same here :D

haha well that sucks!

wow! I'm so slow! I just noticed who that is in your pic, Dave. I'm on episode 22 of Death Note. I <3 "L"!

rohosoccer08 1

I own most of the friends seasons but i borrowed the other ones so I've seen every episode numerous times, I just wish I didn't end... I would do anything for them to do a friends reunion movie!!!!

lol, such compatibility :D I love L... he owns Kira :D

I wrote a comment that I can't see :( well the jist of it is that i love L too and I think he owns Kira :D

I have wrote about 3 comments that I can see non of to 43...FML

What??? L owns Kira? did you just ruin the end for me? lol!

Lowa_fml 3

LOL no tip for him

lol I replied way below bcz I'm using fml for iPhone FML!!! -43

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lmao you suck

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ur not supposed to smile in portraits cuz they take too long ur mouth would get tired hes doin it for u and no one ever smiles in portraits

KiddNYC1O 20

friends?... best show ever???... hahahahaha

#20 - bring it on for sure. that's the first thing I thought of!

totally bring it on. thats the first thing i thought of!

KiddNYC1O 20

70 ftw =]

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haha I remember that!

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when I smile I give ppl nightmares...

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or third..

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hahaha ydi

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haha and he's an artist too they like weird shit

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I never understood how people could have gross teeth. Get them fixed if they're that bad.

Maybe she just has a bad smile? Where did you get bad teeth from this FML?

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ydi for having ugly teeth

bairenae 0

isn't that offa movie? yeah, i'd haveta say not original. buht it's hella funny. get yer teeth fixed. lol

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