By :)) - 22/04/2010 17:37 - Greece

Today, I was getting my portrait done. The artist told me to smile. He looked at me, then said, "Oh, don't smile." FML
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Maybe you look more dignified when not smiling?

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Hahaha "say che.. Holy shit, nevermind!" haha


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-10 lol this reminded me of Chandler from frnds! :D

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When I smile it is kinda scary. Hence that is why I don't smile much. HAHAHA So either YDI or FML because if you have yellow teeth YDI. So that is why I put both. Get some teeth cleaner...and brush!!

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I was just gonna say, this reminded me of bring it on

at least Chandler knew that he is not photogenic when he!!!

do you have summer teeth, some are here, some are there ? or did you grow up in a country that does not flouridate their water. dont get me wrong i like girls in trailer parks who give pencil sharpner oral though.

FreeRunn3r 12

Damn you have an ugly smile then,or maybe you were trying to hard.

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I'm sorry about your teeth problems :( I once saw this kid who didn't have his baby teeth pulled in time and he had his permanent teeth sticking straight out on the top part of his gum. I like to whine about my overbite that makes me look like a 12-year-old but oral surgery shit is much worse.

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lmao!! reminds me of that one part on bring it on

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I love friends! favorite show ever!

wow! I'm so slow! I just noticed who that is in your pic, Dave. I'm on episode 22 of Death Note. I <3 "L"!

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I own most of the friends seasons but i borrowed the other ones so I've seen every episode numerous times, I just wish I didn't end... I would do anything for them to do a friends reunion movie!!!!

lol, such compatibility :D I love L... he owns Kira :D

I wrote a comment that I can't see :( well the jist of it is that i love L too and I think he owns Kira :D

I have wrote about 3 comments that I can see non of to 43...FML

What??? L owns Kira? did you just ruin the end for me? lol!

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lol I replied way below bcz I'm using fml for iPhone FML!!! -43

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ur not supposed to smile in portraits cuz they take too long ur mouth would get tired hes doin it for u and no one ever smiles in portraits

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friends?... best show ever???... hahahahaha

#20 - bring it on for sure. that's the first thing I thought of!

totally bring it on. thats the first thing i thought of!

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when I smile I give ppl nightmares...

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haha and he's an artist too they like weird shit

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I never understood how people could have gross teeth. Get them fixed if they're that bad.

Maybe she just has a bad smile? Where did you get bad teeth from this FML?

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isn't that offa movie? yeah, i'd haveta say not original. buht it's hella funny. get yer teeth fixed. lol