By KatzVKatz - 24/07/2015 21:51 - Slovenia - Novo Mesto

Today, my boyfriend gave me serious shit because I couldn't name 10 Pokémon. He said he even considered dumping me. Glad to know he has his priorities straight. FML
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Hey, I didn't think this would get published, but here it is! Now for some explanations: 1. I did watch Pokemon when I was younger and I liked it. When he dared me to name 10 first gen Pokemon I was sure I could do it ... Guess my memory is not that good, but I already know that :D 2. He did admit eventually that he was sorta kinda joking. I knew he couldn't be serious about dumping me, but he did take the joke a bit too far, like yelling at me and sulking for half an hour. 3. I do take interest in his interests, we talk a lot about the games he plays and the series he watches, and do a lot of stuff together. We do have a lot in common. It's just that where he likes Pokemon to the point of fangirling about it, I'm the same with Harry Potter and Dr. Who. 4. I asked him to name ten spells from Harry Potter and he couldn't do it, so I guess we're even! Ha! :D

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The real question is, what happened to your childhood?

Pay more attention to the important stuff in life!


Pay more attention to the important stuff in life!

your boyfriend has his priorities straight

joeyl2008 29

How dare you not know at least 10 pokemon!

who is entai? stick with the original 150.

Entai is LEGENDARY, brah. Most Pokemon fans know Entai.

RockstarJAy 16

I'd have to pick Articuno over Zapdos, haha.

Hell yeah Articuno is the best legendary bird!

Gyarados* And I suppose I'm the only one who doesn't choose to evolve Magikarp for some reason?

#170 Thanks! I never remember how to spell the name since I always nicknamed my pokemon. I guess so since splash is useless

Sulphuric_Glue 16

She MUST have at least known Pikachu

Murilirum 23

Is Pokemon knowledge an unjustified requirement? I feel like it should almost be a life's standard to know a broad amount of Pokemon.

you need to set your priority straight by dumping him

what ever! he was right for what he did!

I can name 2... And Pokemon was way after me... If you love someone, take an interest in their interests.

Unless their interest is stupid for their age.

Hunkapoo 19

people of all ages like pokemon. there is nothing wrong with being a grown adult and still liking pokemon, or any other cartoon for that matter. but OPs boyfriend obviously isn't very mature given he'd dump her over that.

Saying Pokemon is stupid for somebody's age is like saying enjoying a Disney movie is stupid. It's whimsical wholesome fun that most people can enjoy if they're open to it.

Why do some people always have to think Pokemon is childish? Pokemon is a fun game and always has been. Liking the game as a grown person isn't childish, it's just made for all ages to enjoy. But OP's boyfriend is immature for threatening to break up with her for that, not immature for liking Pokemon.


Tell him that if he wants to have a relationship with a real live girl, he needs to grow up.

I'm a real live girl and I can name nearly 50. (if not more) having the same interests is important in a relationship, but instead of berating op, her boyfriend should have dug out his old gameboy and educated her.

leogachi 15

@42 Having similar interests may be important to most people, but if Op doesn't like Pokémon then she doesn't like Pokémon. Trying to force someone to share an interest in something you like is just as bad as trying to force someone to stop being interested in something you don't like.

Hey :) I never said I don't like Pokemon, it's just that it's been more than 10 years since I've seen an episode and I've simply forgotten the names. I have vague images of Pokemon in my brain but the names (save for a few) have escaped me.

I'm a girl and on a good day I can probably name about 600/720 just off the top of my head. Does that mean I'm not a real life girl?

Sulphuric_Glue 16

164 damn that's a lot of Pokémon, I've played it loads and can only name 100 tops

The real question is, what happened to your childhood?

maybe yu-gi-oh or other games, maybe even the outside o.O :D

tantanpanda 26

she could have been... a digimon fan.

FYL, who cares if you can't name pokemon, if you love them and they love you.... why does pokemon even matter?

because its pokemon. how does it not matter?

Having similar interests helps a relationship. If he likes Pokemon. he may want to talk about Pokemon. If she knows no pokemon, it will be a shallow conversation. now apply that to ppls likes in general.

I know Pokemon, I've watched it. I just forgot the names, since it was a while ago.

He was right! That's some general knowledge right there, like Disney movies.

Ok he's blowing things way out of proportion. That's a pretty stupid reason to want to dump someone. That being said, I do agree with the person who said to take an interest in your partners interests. Even if it is something you wouldn't normally care one bit about, try taking some interest simply because they do.

I don't see why you're getting down voted. You're making an incredibly valid point. You get an up vote from me in the hopes that the FML community doesn't down vote your comment also.

Exactly! My fiancee likes pokemon. I never have. But I love penguins, so he showed me Piplup. I now have a stuffed Piplup that I love and wouldn't have known about if it weren't for him.

leogachi 15

@10 Maybe she has and just can't get into it.