By what the fuck, mate - 30/09/2012 19:00 - Australia

Today, I started working my crappy, minimum-wage retail job at a local electronics store. An hour into my shift, my boss sent me to scrub out a discount bin, after some drunk cunt in his teens staggered into the place yelling, and puked his guts into it. What a life. FML
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Well, that has to motivate you to go to college or do courses, or really anything that may one day get you away from vomit filled discount bins. Good luck.

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Hey you still have a paycheck.


Well, that has to motivate you to go to college or do courses, or really anything that may one day get you away from vomit filled discount bins. Good luck.

You know, as I was reading this, I saw the word **** and straight away I knew he was an Aussie.

26, couldn't he have been a Brit as well?

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op could be very motivated, they just might not be able to afford college. or this is their high school job.

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28 and 58 a lot of people use that word

Maybe so, but noone uses it as loosely as us good old aussies.

Go to college and do a course. Statistically speaking OP would be in the exact same situation regardless, sorry but an education does not guarantee a job.

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It can only go up from here... Hopefully.

Everything that goes up, must come down

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14- Or in the drunk guy's case, whatever goes down must come up.

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Hey you still have a paycheck.

Exactly. Many people can not get work no matter how meaningless and bad the job may be...

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That's true enough! That drunk is highly unlikely to be earning for many years to come. I'd say OP is pretty lucky in one sense, actually having a job.

So the op had to clean up one bit of sick so his life is ******? I work in an emergency hospital department. What does that make my life?

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74- That makes you a very patient person. I couldn't do your job, I can barely stand the emergency department even as a patient I can't imagine doing it daily. Kudos to you!

unless the guy vomited on that too.

It's still a job. In this economy, any employment is something.

Australia probably has economy problems too, it's supposed to be a global crisis.

#11: So everyone outside of the United States is rich and care-free? Sorry my friend, but the terrible economy is not strictly limited to the U.S. People all over the world are getting any job they can nowadays.

Welshite, Australia's unemployment rate is damn low compared to a lot of the world. You might want to research stuff before giving opinions on it.

Actually Australia was one of the only developed countries to not go into recession during the global financial crisis, the economy remained strong. Plus Australia actually has a minimum wage (about $16 an hour, increasing with age and training) so even a minimum wage job in Australia is better than one in many other countries.

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True, but most people who are paid by minimum wage are young people. Now let's look into detail; looks like the unemployment for young people in Australia is over 15% : /. Minimum wage unfortunately hurts inexperienced workers. Most people do not want to have to train someone at 15-16$ an hour if they are not worth it. And even if you are hired, a young worker may not even be guaranteed that many hours.

Yea the minimum wage might be 16 per hour but look at the cost of living....

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Minimum wage in Bermuda is $20!

KiddNYC1O 20

47 has a point, though. Everything is usually expensive in places like that.

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A word of advice gentlemen: Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

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#57 Your profile picture makes me want to give you an exorcism.

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One day you will be successful and it will be because of how you work hard everyday.....maybe


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Aids doesn't always kill the person. It's the diseases caught that kill the person (after aids has destroyed the immune system).

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Just remember. There's always a worse job out there! (Road kill scraper)

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I liked your comment just because you like RvB and Roosterteeth.

Don't ever use the c word again, it is such a disgusting word!!!!

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You're on the wrooooong website, girl.

Your face is a disgusting word. Hah! That'll get em.

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really? Is that the best you can do?

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"You're a ****. You're a **** now, and you've always been a ****. The only thing that's going to change is you're going to become an even bigger ****. Maybe have some more **** kids too." I watch too much youtube, as that is what I thought of after reading this thread.

What c word? Crappy? Yea when that **** used the c word it got me pretty steamed too.

I'm getting **** tattooed on my inner lip