By what the fuck, mate - / Sunday 30 September 2012 19:00 / Australia
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#11: So everyone outside of the United States is rich and care-free? Sorry my friend, but the terrible economy is not strictly limited to the U.S. People all over the world are getting any job they can nowadays.


Actually Australia was one of the only developed countries to not go into recession during the global financial crisis, the economy remained strong. Plus Australia actually has a minimum wage (about $16 an hour, increasing with age and training) so even a minimum wage job in Australia is better than one in many other countries.


True, but most people who are paid by minimum wage are young people. Now let's look into detail; looks like the unemployment for young people in Australia is over 15% : /. Minimum wage unfortunately hurts inexperienced workers. Most people do not want to have to train someone at 15-16$ an hour if they are not worth it. And even if you are hired, a young worker may not even be guaranteed that many hours.

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