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  \  |  28

Maybe the baby parrot will inherit OP's intelligence.

  slickchrome  |  11

before u ppl thumb me down for my comment or in the obvious reply of "uh birds make babies too" I am not sure how birds have physical contact of intercourse judging by their awkward appearance form..since they lay eggs I quickly assumed the male spews his sperm fertilizing the females egg. if not and they had continued to mate onto ops face the image Iam picturing is alot of flapping wings..

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

I guess their feathers weren't the only ones that got ruffled, eh?

In the future, I'd just put some crackers or treats in their cage to lure them in whenever they look like they're "in the mood".

Or teach then English and then give them a lesson on boundaries.