By NestHead - 01/10/2013 17:32 - Russian Federation - Moscow

Today, my two parrots decided that my head was the best place to have sex. FML
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Maybe the baby parrot will inherit OP's intelligence.

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Next time you have sex, do it on his cage...turn the table on this parrot

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before u ppl thumb me down for my comment or in the obvious reply of "uh birds make babies too" I am not sure how birds have physical contact of intercourse judging by their awkward appearance form..since they lay eggs I quickly assumed the male spews his sperm fertilizing the females egg. if not and they had continued to mate onto ops face the image Iam picturing is alot of flapping wings..

More like; doesn't matter, head sex. Ha, shitty pun, I know. I'll let myself out.

cottoncandymango 17

I mean, it sounds like you practically allowed it to happen.

I read this like: "Today, my parents decided my head was the best place to have sex"... o.0

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So you are username is corect*

So they got head and sex? Seems like a pretty good day for them.

did anybody else read parrots as parents first? or just me...

DFresh503 8

Technically, that was a threesome. And that's not bird poo on your shoulder...

somewhere out there is a **** for this, I just know it

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now you have a story to tell!******* is correct grammer

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Keep your head up OP, at least you have a funny story to tell... Actually you might want to keep that to yourself :)

Look where keeping their head up got them in the first place.

Lets just hope theres nothing left on top

Hey, OP needed a new style. It may start a trend, and you will no longer be in the harsh loop of hair-related fashion.

I guess their feathers weren't the only ones that got ruffled, eh? In the future, I'd just put some crackers or treats in their cage to lure them in whenever they look like they're "in the mood". Or teach then English and then give them a lesson on boundaries.

How does someone even react in a situation like that?

Apparently by posting on FML, and hopefully taking a long shower.

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React? How does the situation even arise? Was OP asleep and the parrots decided... What the hell, free head!!!

AnOriginalName 19

Free head? Are you implying you normally pay for your head?

Well your bird is getting more action than mine. I have a cockatiel that masterbates all the time and chirps while he does it.

RedPillSucks 31

sigh... I really don't want to know how a bird masturbates. I'm having this image of a frustrated T-Rex whose arms are too short.

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10, perfect match of pic and comment.