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sue for what? there are dry-erase markers that don't dry, and home-made foods in restaurants that aren't actually homemade. anyone should know by now that advertising is not 100% accurate. if everyone sued every time a product didn't work exactly as specified, no company would DARE to market any product.
OP deserves being cut if he/she assumed that he/she could use the razor however he/she wanted and avoid injury

  toxic10uhc  |  0

where have morals gone? someone gets mad at someone they scream lawsuit instead of talking to whoever or solving it themselves. the op is a moron... that's like putting no tear soap in your eyes.... you still should be carefull dumbass!

  div01  |  2

you have to read the fine print, it probably said "its IMPOSSIBLE to cut yourself with this razor!!*"
(pretty pictures here
big boobed girl on a guy with abs holding the razor)

*just kidding.

  ElMarkino  |  0

sue? why? apparently the OP doesnt know how to use a razor. ive used cheap razors and expensive razors and never have i gotten cut, OP needs to learn how to shave

  bhatz  |  0

she cut herself shaving with a razor that is advertised to not cut you. that is dangerous and you should sue. yes a lot of companies falsly advertise but when it is endangering others than it should be stopped. if someone made a microwave that was advertised to be able to cook a closed can of beans with out exploding and someone goes to cook a closed can of beans and it blows up they should sue.

  mattm211  |  0

why even advertise a razor as not able to cut you?!! it's a purposfully RAZOR sharp piece of medal that glides over your can a company guarantee that it won't cut? I'd like to see that ad.


Dear 25,

Dry erase markers do not mean they dry. It means you can erase them without water or spray. you can use something dry, hense the name dry erase. so next time you would like to write a long message, makesure you have your facts straight.

- Me.

  awnuggets  |  0

It doesn't matter if OP is careful or not. If they said it shouldn't cut, then no matter what it shouldn't. I agree it's not worth it to sue, but that's probably because I'm lazy. It's OP's choice to sue.

  greenltrn2003  |  0

I never shave but if I must I use high pressured water thats capible of cutting through slabs of steel...

never have I once shed a drop of blood

OP you are a soft skinned girly man

  Kazze  |  31

You're a dick if you assume all "emo" people cut, and if you make fun of anyone that does. You're stupid and possibly an attention seeker if you cut and don't get help. I used to. It was a stupid mistake, and I moved on to better ways of dealing with my depression and all that. If I can do it, anyone can.