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Today, my boss was telling everyone that he knew a guy who went to a college at which multiple people were shot and killed recently. Being extremely socially awkward and uncomfortable, I blurted, "That's awesome." Now everyone in the office is terrified of me. FML
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Socially awkward and people are scared of you; I think that's quite the accomplishment.

Pyro_Wolf 17

Of all the things to say...that's what you chose to say?


I feel like "sorry" would be a little less terrible...

Anything would've been better than "that's awesome". No matter how socially awkward you may be at least think before you say something like that

21 That's a lie! Saying "Don't worry I'm sure y'all are next." Is way worse.

Pyro_Wolf 17

Not really, because if he said sorry, then his coworkers would think that he was the guy who shot people.

Sinamoi 18

Who comes to that conclusion based on someone saying "sorry"?

onorexveritas 23

saying sorry wouldn't have been that bad

Well, he didn't say "I'm sorry". No need to argue on what if he did.

41- When someone says "sorry", they are referring to themself on most if not all occasions.

Well, if you're Québécois, French Canadien. You're both right! Yay!

Link5794 18

I think the absolute worst thing to say in this situation is "I'm going to stab you in the face and eat your eyeballs. And I will have white wine to go with it."

Unless you're a female then its canadienne.

Its actually Canadienné for both as i studied french!

As I am french, and also studying the language, I am pretty confidant that I am "canadien" and not "canadienne". Why would I be considered a female?

Pyro_Wolf 17

Of all the things to say...that's what you chose to say?

Trust me when you are nervous as hell, you just say some random shit. My friend whom also suffers from social anxiety tends not to speak in public gathering for this reason

fylx100 19

Op's response made me burst out laughing! Anyways, 52, but why did he have to say anything at all? His boss wasn't talking to only him. Haha op should have covered it up by saying he was joking- At least no one would think he's a murderer. Or I guess he could act like he was reading a sign and accidentally talked to himself. Well, this made my day hehe :-)

72) I'm assuming OP just want to give his input so he can get some recognition from his boss. The pressure to give a valuable input mixed with social anxiety led to, " that's awesome." However I'm just assuming all this shit.

Sometimes people who are socially awkward can say things that are inappropriate at times. My old housemate had social anxiety and would often say things that were really random or embarrassing because she didn't know how to respond in conversations, especially serious or "heated" ones. She said it's like your mind is desperately trying to think of something "normal" to say, and in doing so, it ends up coming up with something that seems "normal" in your head, until it actually leaves your mouth and you realize how stupid you sound.

SmallBean 12

Right? Op said he is "socially awkward", but I think a better description would be "socially retarded"...

Pyro_Wolf 17

103- based off that definition, I may be socially awkward...

You know you don't real;y have to make a comment if no-one else does...

Next thing you know, Dane Cook will be giving you candy.

Then he will make a shitty joke and everyone will stop being scared of OP and just be extremely annoyed by him...

Mmmmm... No, they'll probably still be terrified of OP.

I think you underestimate just how annoying Dane Cook is...

Dane Cook's obnoxiousness does not negate the terror OP inspires. On the bright side, though, at least he'll have candy.

Look! Up in the sky! Oh nevermind, it was my joke, it just flew over your head...

I was joking about how terrible Dane cook is. They were not serious comments...

Yes, I gathered that. Obviously mine weren't serious either. I was simply playing along with our banter. When you said that a joke went right over my head, it made me second guess myself and wonder if there was something I missed, or if there was some reference there I didn't understand.

I mean, you didn't really think I actually thought that Dane Cook would start working in OP's office and give him candy, did you?

no, I knew you were kidding about that, but you seemed to be taking my comments of dane cook seriously.

I'd be wary, FMLtuna, of the waters in which you choose to're looking rather tasty.

95- he was good the first time I saw him then isolated incident came out and all the masturbation jokes got old really fast.

Just apologize and say you weren't listening or you heard him wrong..?

"'Shot and killed?' Ohhhhh, I thought you said everyone was 'hot and skilled!' My bad."

enormouselephant 15

Oh wow sorry I meant 'awful' not 'awesome'. That's just so horrible I was frazzled.

tehaustiebear 34

Or perhaps using it in the old terminology, "awe inspiring."

Socially awkward and people are scared of you; I think that's quite the accomplishment.

Yes it is. I know I have achieved it. OP deserves a mallowmar for that accomplishment

Life_sucks_13 6

Ill have to agree with you. It is quite an achievement

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Seeing as he is socially awkward, he probably panicked and just blurted something out. "That's awesome" is a generally neutral thing to say when someone tells you something, but in this case it went horribly wrong.

KiddNYC1O 20

Yeah, you'd figure. Especially someone with extreme social anxiety.

the_smart_way 10

I think being socially awkward doesn't quite amount to extreme social anxiety

KiddNYC1O 20

I don't like your tone, sir! Kidding. Excuse the misunderstanding.

That's why he said he blurted it out. That comes out before you have time to think.

Tell your boss that you were just joking, with this face ;)

Hmmm, seven thumbs down? I don't think people are getting this one. I think it's way too funny!

I just think people get how unfunny it is!