By yepintheladiesroom - 07/06/2014 21:37 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I used a public toilet. After I did my business in the stall and walked out, I was confronted by the sight of a man standing on tip-toes, holding his penis up to the automatic hand-dryer. Doubt I'll get that image out of my head any time soon. FML
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grogers311 20

That's one way to get a "********"...

Guess he was trying to get a ********


grogers311 20

That's one way to get a "********"...

darn you, 1, you and I thought of the same thing at the same time, but you beat me to posting. Glad I am not the only person who thought of that corny pun.

Attacksloth 33

This is a comment #1 done right. Came here for this, was not disappoint.

Demig0d6 14

That guy wanted to get his penis sucked dry

Smartdumbblonde 27

Yeah, hope he wrapped it before he tapped it. Don't want little hand-dryers running around...

incoherentrmblr 21

Guess he was trying to get a ********

EphMi 5

wait a minute. Which angle did you see him blow dry his penis from? if you see him from the back, he might accidentally got the front of his pants wet and need to dry it quickly to avoid looking awkward in public.

And he avoided this awkwardness by practicing his pants-drying in the ladies' room.

At least #1 and #2 posted that at the same time.

Ihavegas 22

guess he thought it was a unisex bathroom.

kyu_Q 19

Maybe the one in the men's room was not working

Yeah #17, a man's gotta blow dry his penis somewhere.

he was getting a good ******** with that

Too slow, #4. Waaay too slow. [incoming Base64-encoded insult] SnVzdCBsaWtlIHlvdXIgZGFk

Did he wash it prior to drying it? FYL.

We can only hope... Perhaps he really likes the feeling of hot air blowing along his penis. Not having said penis, I'm curious. Would it feel nice per chance?

#42: Probably about as nice as hot air against your ********.

Well that's pretty nice... Thanks for that.

#58: No problem. My advice is to blow dry your genitals in privacy, though, lest somebody catch you and post an FML about it.

Rodger that Doctorhook.... No wait....

#93: Seriously. I only did it once, on tiptoes in a ladies' public washroom, but somebody saw me, and now here we are.

That's it. Am off to try this. You have enticed me good and proper.

kyu_Q 19

Nothing like the feeling of warm hi-powered air on the penis

Smartdumbblonde 27

he obviously likes getting blow dried

And being a woman makes this even more scarring

No, this should be pretty disturbing for anyone.

cryssycakesx3 22

This is nothing.. when my friend and I go to the gym (and years back the same thing happened when I was on the swim team), we walk in on an average of 5 naked old men in the pool locker rooms. I mean we really don't care because we know we're just animals and it's just another body part, and the old guys at that point dgaf, but that crap gets old real fast, I have to go to a happy place in my mind to get rid of all the cocks in my vision.

Reason #37 why I don't go to public bathrooms.

Some include dirty toilet paper, breaking up homeless people having sex in the stalls, etc.

I voted FYL after reading the first sentence.

Yeah public bathrooms are disgusting. I never use them. Rather hold it then go.

#53 yes the other person with their sad job

grapefruit_hd 7

He just wanted a ******** #13

Alright, enough with the "********" puns...

Three minutes after the first one too. Shameful really