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Today, a notification from Tinder popped up on my girlfriend's phone, saying, "Congratulations, you have a new match." FML
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Make a tinder and try to match with her. Sounds like a good way to screw with her

sounds like your relationship is going up like...tinder...


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Oh yeah, because "looking" is not cheating.. Right.........

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If you are looking for someone else that is cheating but if you are looking at someone because you think they are good looking doesn't mean you are cheating.

If she's unhappy, then she needs to open up to op. Or she can just end things. If you're in a relationship, you should not be going on dating sites or apps. Whatsoever.

I feel like it's a comfort thing. My girlfriend and I can point out people we find attractive and talk over it, however I think a lot of couples can't. And that's fine, you need to talk over comfort levels. Going on dating sites, especially without your partner knowing? That's too far. And as someone pointed out, if you are on a dating site when you don't want to date you are wasting the people who are on there's time


yeh but of all the places on the internet to look, you look at sites of people who are available/good to go?

sounds like your relationship is going up like...tinder...

*up in flames. That was the direction I was trying to go...

But it's going down and he's yelling (why did you use) tinder? You better move...I don't wanna dance....okay I'm done and you can downrate. ?

Tinder is the name for the flammable material you use to start a fire. I see what #3 was doing, it's just a shame nobody remembers that tinder was a thing before the app.

#66, I believe you're mixing tinder with timber..

tinder is what you use to start a fire

Make a tinder and try to match with her. Sounds like a good way to screw with her

Hhhhh I actually used that move it well drive her crazy

That would be funny, though I would be concerned that there is no way for you to show that she is the bad guy then, mabe you could screenshot proof of her notifications and then make an account so you have proof you only got one after you found out?

I feel like Tinder isn't the best place to be looking for friends.

i actually know a weird amount of people who use tinder to find friends... they don't get much success so I'm not sure why they bother but... quite a few do use it for that legitimately.

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You actually believe them when they tell you that?

Using tinder to make friends is like using grindr to meet ladies.

I've actually made some good friends from my days of using tinder, however I wasn't on there to find friends.

not saying she is cheating or anything but bro. that sucks major ass. FYL op, sorry about that!

without asking for an explanation? what would OP say, 'i wanna break up with you bc i found out you have a dating app even though i don't even know why you have it'?

If it's innocent why didn't she tell op? Instead she never told him and he had to find out for himself so I say it's not as innocent as looking for friends

To be fair, when I was in a relationship I had Tinder because my friends and I found it amusing to swipe through and see the guys on there. So I wouldn't jump to conclusions.

how is that fair? that means u were just whoring around in a relationship, like her

I wouldn't say whoring around, but it's never good to know that your partner is looking at, rating and talking to other people they find attractive. whether it's for ***** and giggles or not, why do they need to give their time to so many other people, when their partner may want it?

I wouldn't message any of the guys. My friend and I (during a "girls night") would just have fun swiping and gossiping and whatever. We as human beings judge everyone we see based on their attractiveness, even when we're in committed relationships–anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

I think it's a bit mean to go on a dating site with no intention of dating anyone, you're just wasting everyone's time!

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Agreed. Whenever people say that they have Tinder just for that, all I can think of is 'ego-stroke'.

Right because cute guys messaging you doesn't tempt you to answer. Right

I don't know 38, Farmers Only is pretty damn amusing!

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i think its prtety mean to judge others based off a photo. i know people who take it to heart. iy can destoy confidence. we all know your the type who thinks your better than the rest of the world. personality is the thing that counts. sorry #12 your a verry shallow person. i feel sorry for you future husbands.....

I'm not surprised that you are not in a relationship anymore.

I don't need to explain myself to anyone, but all I'm going to say is a lot of you are playing the part of the pot calling the kettle black...

Oh you ABSOLUTELY dont have to explain yourself. But being in a relationship and using an app that is known for being used to hook up with people is not cool if it's not something you discussed about with your SO. So, given that this is about OP and he clearly was no ok with that, your point, my friend, is as bad as getting kicked in the balls. Have a nice day :)