Time to pretend

By fmeplease - 31/05/2009 21:10 - United Kingdom

Today, I was cleaning out my bedside table when I came across some condoms I bought on my 18th birthday, to use the first time I had sex. They expired five years ago. I'm still waiting for my first time. FML
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Well, the good news is, you just got fucked by life. :) Congrats.

So? It's not a bad thing.


aww. i feel so bad for you :(

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why would you say that to someone? fuck off.

You won't even show your face #249. How do we know you aren't a desperate idiot trying to get attention and trying to make other people feel bad to make yourself feel better.


woww that's pretty sad o_0

So? It's not a bad thing.

For guys yes it is

Well, the good news is, you just got fucked by life. :) Congrats.

haha agreed that should count fer something...right??:)

Hmm... your day will come I suppose. :)

I didnt know condoms expired lol

They do when the lube is no longer... slick.

well... your mother might be happy with this ?

Good thing you were prepared. Bad thing you had nothing to be prepared for besides PALMela

Boo fucking hoo. I'm sick of these "I haven't got laid in a while/ever" submissions. They're not FMLs. D: