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By  Pearson_fml  |  0

and instead of figuring out how to get some, you're sitting at a computer telling people how you're NOT having sex. Here's a hint, have you tried NOT spending all of your time on your computer?

  Link5794  |  18

What 12 year old has sex? That's just messed up. It's closer to 10 than to 18. 12 years old is barely older than a little kid. I don't even think they teach sex ed to 12 year olds. Then again, I learned about it when I was about five or six from a children's encyclopedia.

  twerking_riggs  |  22

assuming youre talking to #58, 1. they could be joking and 2. they also could have been raped so shut up maybe? and it also doesnt make you "cool" or whatever you were going for with that childrens encyclopedia shit