By ashamed / Wednesday 20 January 2016 19:00 / Germany
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By  Seabass_Chan  |  33

Get her help. Immediately. Believing that an entire group of people are capable of and willing to commit horrific acts over what a handful of rotten individuals have done is definitely paranoid thinking. Sadly she's not the only one who feels this way.

I'm sure your country can understand that better than anyone. Try explaining it to your mother.


Unfortunately, OP's mother is an adult and capable of making her own (terrible) decisions. OP can ask her mother to get help, but they can't force her - and she's probably not going to.

By  gopi_fml  |  21

talk to her and let her know that nobody wants to leave their life. if someone is a refuse, that means he doesn't have any other options. being an bit*h doesn't make her a concern citizen.

By  Norvi  |  26

I'm sure she's just afraid because there have been multiple incidents where male refugees have groped and assaulted German women. Getting a t-shirt might be a bit extreme.

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