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By Anonymous - 20/03/2022 00:01

Today, I received a call from my employer. They found that some of my nudes have surfaced on the internet. Personal nudes and videos I took exclusively for my boyfriend. He denies he put them out there. Then who did? How stupid does he think I am? FML
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Have him arrested for non-consensual distribution of intimate images.


How did your employer find out the pictures? You ex-boyfriend told him about it?

Have him arrested for non-consensual distribution of intimate images.

It's damning, but it's not a sure thing that he shared them. Anyone who accessed your phone or his, while it was unlocked, could have gotten them. (Also, hacking people's phones to find and share their nudes is one of the top activities of the NSA.)

Why would your employer stumble upon your nudes? Is that something they do for models?

Depending on your local legislation you might be able to report this to the police.

Was your employer out there googling "your name"+"nudes"? How did they 'stumble' on them?

Not sure of the details behind background checks, but searching for and finding questionable postings online (regardless of origin) is not uncommon.

Please report him! I have had something similar happen to me. You have laws that protect you against this sort of behavior. Especially if he made money selling your content. Also please protect yourself and breakup with him!!

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He may not have shared them. If your either of your phones automatically back up photos and videos, they may have been hacked. Both iCloud and Google have been hacked countless times.