By Anonymous - 15/08/2014 15:22 - China - Shanghai

Today, my husband wanted me to take a sleeping pill before having sex with me. Apparently I'm better in bed while half-asleep. FML
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Maybe he's just into unconscious sex.

It's simple, She is so good in bed that he is scared to sleep with her while she is clear headed. He is scared to leave her unsatisfied.

Pretend to take it. Then in the middle of sex wake up and scare him

Rape fantasy much? OP think about it, you wake up with your husband in you... Could be interesting.

You'd be surprised on how many women are into that.

No rape is when one person doesn't consent

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Once dated a girl that wanted to be choked and had a Rape-ish fantasy. To each their own I guess...

cryssycakesx3 22

it's not rape if she doesn't say no!

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Damn, I'm sorry to be the party pooper here, but you do know unconscious sex can still be considered rape? If she can't physically say no, that doesn't mean yes.

#49, that's legitimately a scary thing to say. If one can't consent, it's not a no but definitely not a yes. If a victim has tape over their mouth they can't say no either, that doesn't mean they gave consent because they didn't say no.

It's called somnophilia, and it's not rape if both parties discuss it and say it's okay beforehand.

drunkmunkey 24

or maybe OP is that bad when awake... fyl OP but on the bright side they make a pill (and probably an app) for that

What do apps have to do with anything? Bad quote.

#26, pretty sure your comment is irrelevant.

I once dated a girl a couple times. When it came third date fooing around time, she flat out told me. 'Zeb, I won't have sex with you. But I'll help you drug me.' Not /let/ but /help/. I supplied the cash, she got the rohypnol. I thought a lot about that over the years. And as near as I can understand, she was raised in a very strict household and basically told that enjoying sex was bad. But if she's not in her right mind, she can enjoy herself and blame it on the Rope. At least that's what made sense to me.

incoherentrmblr 21

#57, why be worried, you're a Doctor...

Keep your head up OP, sex isn't that a life-or-death skill. Hopefully your husband apologizes.

Well, it is kinda a "life" skill as it does help produce life

cryssycakesx3 22

there's no reason for him to apologize for something he enjoys, no matter how creepy, weird, freaky, or unorthodox even, it may be.

I beg to differ. There's people that like to murder. I sure would expect them to be served justice whether they like it or not.

I'm actually with 51 here. Why apologize for your fetish? At least he's not a necrophiliac

dDailydDosage 8

He shouldn't apologize for what he said. Maybe apologize for saying it or how he said it because she rightfully would be offended. BUT He was being honest and OP should appreciate that. If anything maybe OP and her husband can now talk about improving their sex life without her having to take pills.

Maybe he wants you to think it's better, and it's harder to judge when you're half asleep.

ifoundalaska 11

Honestly, he's probably better in her sleep as well

Wizardo 33

He wanted you as limp as he gets when you're awake...

Kyle1dc 17

Having sex with her while she's asleep is probably a dream cum true for him.

Maybe he just can't keep up with your pace anymore. Turtle sex syndrome.

cryssycakesx3 22

lol, oh the tortoise and hare...

Just tell him that he doesn't need to have sex anymore then.

Maybe you over think? Or you get nervouse or you are too quick i don't know but i don't think it's a bad thing.

Whatever it is, it should be talked about. Communication is the key to great relationships.

martin8337 35

At least he isn't slipping you roofies.

maybe your subconcious is more into sex than you are when you're awake?