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#49, that's legitimately a scary thing to say. If one can't consent, it's not a no but definitely not a yes. If a victim has tape over their mouth they can't say no either, that doesn't mean they gave consent because they didn't say no.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

I once dated a girl a couple times. When it came third date fooing around time, she flat out told me. 'Zeb, I won't have sex with you. But I'll help you drug me.' Not /let/ but /help/. I supplied the cash, she got the rohypnol.

I thought a lot about that over the years. And as near as I can understand, she was raised in a very strict household and basically told that enjoying sex was bad. But if she's not in her right mind, she can enjoy herself and blame it on the Rope.

At least that's what made sense to me.

  dDailydDosage  |  8

He shouldn't apologize for what he said. Maybe apologize for saying it or how he said it because she rightfully would be offended. BUT He was being honest and OP should appreciate that. If anything maybe OP and her husband can now talk about improving their sex life without her having to take pills.