The struggle is real

By Sally - 26/12/2011 11:48 - Australia

Today, my friend told me how depressing it is that she hasn't had sex in two weeks. I haven't had sex in 3 years. FML
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tweetypie 18

Yea well I haven't had sex....EVER!!!

I haven't had sex for 7years, 253 days, 12hours and 46minutes. But it doesn't bother me.


tweetypie 18

Yea well I haven't had sex....EVER!!!

xStaciexLynnx 15

Then it's not depressing to stop having it.

FMLsOhilarious 6

#1 Then you wouldn't understand what OP is feeling.

I ain't had it in 20 years and I'm just fine honestly people gotta think about other shit before sex.

beddington 7

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1221jamw 11

50, #1's only 16. It actually makes me feel better to know all 16 year olds aren't having sex. They're still considered children until 18. Why would you automatically assume she's fat/unattractive?

1221jamw 11

Well I feel stupid, I thought you replied to number 1. Awkward.... Well in that case, maybe she just wants to find a boyfriend first? Maybe she has other stuff to do and isn't going to have sex with a random guy at a club? You ever hear of a stable relationship?

I haven't had sex for 7years, 253 days, 12hours and 46minutes. But it doesn't bother me.

Op's friend must be a **** is she's freaking out about two weeks.

Weird that you would count the exact amount of time since you've have sex

most 16 year olds are not virgins by choice (checks profile age *forever alone*)

It's all about the seconds man where are the seconds????

I wish i hadnt :p. Dont lose it untill your ready.

Horcruxer 0

I've gone without it for about 14 hours I'm ready for more

bargarlm 2

I'm 18 & still waiting for the right person. Don't feel bad fellow FML commenter :)

superguppy19 3

Do so or unless ur comfortable with the person

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

50 - I strongly dislike you. GFY. (Go Fuck Yourself)

I haven't had sex in 23 years. You and your friend should quit yer complaining.

Wait as long as you can. First time I had sex me and the guy weren't so smart... So now I'm pregnant at 18. Wait. That's all I can really say...

xShannonxSammyx 7

Yeah, a lot of my friends (my age, 15-16) are all talking about how they're 'women' now that they've had sex. :| Morons.

KiddNYC1O 20

You're such a sex machine, 106. *Wolf howl*

Mf2307 15

i love how you got the precise timing down

kbtoyz69 9

although I strongly disagree with 50 he did say "OP" not "#1" sooooo I have to say 60 YDI

Mister_Triangle 21

I haven't had sex in 19.5 years; even then, it doesn't count when it's required to be born

89- you're one to take things literally, aren't you?

drlove78843 6

I'm 31 years old, never had sex, my life is good

@#69 You know down to the minute? Clearly it doesn't bother you at all... (p.s. "69"...giggety)

@#37 It must not have been very good 20 years ago...

@#230 You're a virgin? Then you have zero authority to speak on the subject. You can't possibly understand what it's like to go without it if you've never had it. That's like being an authority on light when you have never witnessed the dark.

I'm almost 20 and am waiting until I am married, not all people's lives revolve around sex!

Buttsexpirate 9

Friends with benefits situation?

Don't waste yourself on some random person! Wait until you find ur special guy ;) or try with each other ;D

shrekus 0

Friends with benefits never works out right... I would know.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

I wonder how dogs feel, my dog hasn't done it in 11 years... not even doggy style!

maximilian13 4
imcutefml 0
1221jamw 11

27-These are two women, and you state you like "hotdogs over tacos If we know what you mean." so why would you even say that?

Probably because he thought it would be funny and didnt actually mean it? 4, you took the words right out of my mouth.

62-What do 4's food preferences have to do with anything? *sarcasm (just in case)

Damnit he was talking to 27?!? I feel ashamed of my own ignorance -_-

blackstar994 5

62- don't make fun of people's sexuality. My friend died because people made fun of him for being gay. Ass holes like you need to go kill your selfs.

aaron21a 0

174- that's a little harsh I believe

So I'm not the only one :D but seriously it sucks!!

Better to wait for someone special than to put yourself out to random assholes...right?

Epikouros 31

Hey, I'm a random asshole and I resent that remark. We have feelings, too, you know.

I'm saving myself for the right girl - When I'm 18. No need to jump on the bandwagon of other teens who've humped like rabbits.

Cry, your picture will resemble your actual face when you're doing it for the first time.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Lol I'm 66 list of ppl he hates xD

ikickgingers 15

Love is for suckers and old people... ;) I'm am in no way saying jump on any dick that comes your way... Life is not a storybook romance, love doesn't just happen over night and life doesn't wait. You can meet some great people and have awesome relationships without the "L" word and if love comes from it good for you.

Lol 70 - Challenge Accepted. I will do my best!

blackstar994 5

78 obviously hasn't been in love. Love can happen over night. It can happen in a blink of an eye, or it could take forever. Can't control it. But he is right

blackstar994 5

It just happens. But I can agree not to waste your life saiid for it. Just meet decent people.

I don't think there's anything wrong with just sex. If people are careful and no one's feelings get hurt, what's the problem? It's just fun.

cooldukenukem 2

I hate it how willing some people are to having sex with strangers. I would never have sex with someone I didn't love.

3 years blows. but two weeks? i dont want to live in this world anymore

Are you saying that two weeks is worse than three years? Or that you can't believe someone is depressed after two weeks? I don't understand.

I assume this is sarcasm ? ..... It's alittle confusing .

sorry for the confusion lol. 3 years sucks but if someone is depressed that they havent been laid in 2 weeks then thats sad. hence the "i dont want to live in this world" sarcasm.

74, I feel kind of strange that you're eleven and commenting on a FML like this :/

67- I took it to mean "someone is complaining about no sex in two weeks? That is unbelievably retarded" thus the not wanting to live on this world anymore part.

Could be worse, I've been without sex for 17 years o.O

IrishJesus 5

You're a I would HOPE you wouldn't be having until you were at least 16.

17 years ago you has sex? ive heard of pearents that do that

13- How in God's name were you the fastest sperm cell?

The sperm was fast , no one said it was smart . :P

ThereRNoWorries 5

People she's obviously saying," It could be worse, you could be a virgin like me."

Mickaylah 0

I think she was being sarcastic, so no need to be all serious about it..

JhunnySuperman 0
omgo_fml 0

How could you not have sex for nineteen years your even nineteen yet lol 0.0