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By rookiemistake - 27/04/2015 03:12 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I went to a wine tasting for the first time. I copied the experienced people around me by swishing the wine around in my mouth, which I then choked on and spit out all over my white blouse. FML
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Wearing a white shirt while wine tasting? You like to take chances :)

Guess you should have swallowed that.


Ah well. Sophistication is not for everyone OP :P

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Something tells me OP was at a bar, not a place for wine testing.

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Perhaps it was too strong for OP...

Guess you should have swallowed that.

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Everyone acts like each individual wine is special but in reality they're thinking "let's taste a bit then swirl the wine glass a bit then compliment the wine"

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You clearly know nothing about wine.

Wearing a white shirt while wine tasting? You like to take chances :)

You know OP is a true badass when they start eating spaghetti while wearing white.

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I once ate at a red robins with a full white suit on. Did not get anything on me.

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Who wears an all white suit to red robin

#47 Someone who has run out of thrill of skydiving, cliff climbing, and street racing. Wearing a white suit to red robins is basically the most dangerous thing someone can do, followed by cutting lemons with a paper cut.

MasterTron 24

I had just gotten done with graduation. We had gone straight to the restaurant from the graduation site. I had not been told about this arrangement so I did not think to bring a spare outfit.

Sometimes spitting is not the best option

You want some cheese with your experienced whine?

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Never know, she might spit that out too.

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you took in more than you could take.. didn't you??