By Manatee - 11/05/2009 15:14 - United States

Today, I went to the doctor. I had a spider bite that had been getting progressively larger for days. I had been putting Neosporin on underneath the bandage that was on it. The doctor saw my wound and laughed. He said the spider bite was no big deal, but that I was allergic to the Neosporin. FML
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Well, now you know. Stick to the old-school stingy peroxide stuff.


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ya. this isn't even a fml. it's just a ironic moment.

they should make an app called "ironic moments of faggots"

Bullshit this ain't an FML. It definitely SUCKS to be allergic to one of the most effective disinfectants out there...

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haha when I read it, I was hoping he'd get Spidey powers at one point.

Yeah, not too bad, at least it wasnt on your junk or something

Not FML status, just more of an annoyance really...

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#4, it never says where the spider bite was. For all you know, it could have been on his "junk".

haha, I moderated this one xP lol who would have though that could happen? FYL indeed. I hope it heals soon!

#8, truth, idk why but i for some reason assumed it was on his (another assumption, or her) finger or something