By Anonymous - 22/03/2012 14:59 - United States - Newark

Today, I found out what a bottle of regurgitated wine looks like on white bedsheets. FML
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Billy Mays would have had a field day on that shit.

Your fault? Or did someone else regurgitate the wine?


If it's red then probably similar to blood.

1- What an odd question. Are you truly interested in a description of what a bottle of wine looks like once it's puked up on some poor fool's bed? All about the details, I guess. :p

I'd imagine it looks something like a cross between spaghetti and a murder scene

I think 1 was just looking for a quick question to ask so he could be first comment.

Well OP, that's quite a "sheety" situation. ;)

Like I give a rats ass about getting first comment, it could have been worse, plus who cares?

It really couldn't have! I'm pretty sure that after a point the mods step in.

Your fault? Or did someone else regurgitate the wine?

Maybe multiple people regurgitated the wine together.

I dont know, but it sure puts Two Buck Chuck up to its name.

OP dont come here to WINE about it. Wow that was a terriable joke.

It was a bottle of wine. So I guess the puke consisted of glass...

DrNuggetcase 3

Hopefully it was white wine, so the vomit at least matches.

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Billy Mays would have had a field day on that shit.

His commercials where so fun, although I did hear that he smoked crack to get the energy to make them.

We don't know that it was OP vomiting. It could have been someone else.

NO4 ammonia. HCl hydrochloric acid. H2O2 hydrogen peroxide. Hahahaha I'm a chemistry lover.

But do you work as a chemist? With RNA or OH3? I love ATP. Go cellular energy! Hooray! Thumbs up if you think I'm past high school. (wrong)

#60 - Well, actually, Wine contains ethanol, which is ethyl alcohol, with the formula of C2H6O. While the compounds you stated were corrected, they were only minimally contained in the wine. You missed the most important one.

See what happens when you try being romantic with your girl lol ? skip that & get right to the hanky panky ! if you're in bed that is.

The FML says absolutely nothing about OP having sex, trying typ have sex, or even having a girlfriend. You don't even know if OP is a guy.

who has wine in their bed by themselves , & he/she never said they through up so it must be someone else ?

Now the white porcelain toilet god is upset & you owe it another sacrifice.

Assuming you were the one who drank and vomited up the entire bottle of wine, then I must say, that, was brilliant. :p Lesson learned, I hope? (If you weren't the guilty party, then fyl and my apologies.) ;)