By grannygirlfriend / Tuesday 6 December 2011 17:13 / United States
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I dated my ex at one point in time because she had small breasts...and even though I loved her as a person too...she went nuts when I told her what attracted me to her in the first place. Thus I'm single. Some things need to be kept to yourself...

  graham11  |  14

OP- sweetie, would you like your hand-knit sweater to have reindeers or a Christmas tree on it this year?
Boyfriend- ummm well...
OP- oh hold on a second, the butterscotch cookies are done baking!


Today, my school is having homecoming. I'm taking a date who I really like, and she happens to have fairly large boobs. I have a friend who seems to think I have an obsession with boobs, so I texted her last night reading "btw, no big boob jokes tomorrow." I accidentally sent it to my date. FML

By Anonymous - / Saturday 19 September 2009 15:20 / United States

Today, I had lunch with an attractive foreign exchange student from Dresden. After bombarding her with questions about Russia, she smiled and kindly told me that Dresden is in Germany. Everyone laughed. FML

By Kasey103 - / Tuesday 22 January 2013 23:39 / United States - Grand Rapids
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