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By  mssileas  |  25

I'm not a kink shamer, but sneaking pics is never okay and sexualizing a breastfeeding woman is extra weird on top of that. Leave her alone, there's enough lactation porn on the internet. You made the right call OP, whether his kink is 'normal' or not, the lack of respect towards both you and your sister is just a deal-breaker.

  rsue  |  14

Yeah, the fetish is a little odd but not a dealbreaker. The creepshotting on an unwilling participant in said fetish -- that's a problem. The fact that it was OP's sister was just icing on the cake. Glad she handled that shit quickly.

  mssileas  |  25

I'm always so baffled when people just have to go out of their way to live their weird fetishes in public or drag relatives into it. There's soooooo much porn on the internet. So so so so so much.

But yeah I'm also glad OP made that choice quickly and efficiently. idc if he fantasizes about swimming in breastmilk, but making mum-baby bonding time about his boner is just gross.

By  littlekellilee  |  45

Look on the bright side, you could have found out by catching him breastfeeding from someone. It's not a huge bright side because he violated your sister, but the brain bleach can stay in the cabinet for this incident!