By yulis - 30/11/2013 19:21 - United States - Hagerstown

Today, I got pulled over on the highway for going over the speed limit. The cop seemed nice, and I was sure he'd let me off with a warning, until my husband piped up with, "Didn't think you folks came out this far. What, the donut store got shut down or some shit?" I got the ticket. FML
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Next time tell him to shutup before all the stupid comes out.

I'm sorry, OP. Maybe next time try not to speed or go over the limit. Just pay your ticket before it gets higher.


I'm sorry, OP. Maybe next time try not to speed or go over the limit. Just pay your ticket before it gets higher.

OP should have asked for the cop to give her husband the ticket.

#10 is that even possible? I mean, she could tell her husband to pay it off. But from what it seems he might disagree. Even though it's partially his fault they got the ticket. This is just speculation of course.

It would've never happened if she was going the speed limit. So in all actuality it's her fault.

#12, if they're like most married couples they probably share a joint bank account, so they're both paying for it. However, I love how the husband made a scene to teach his wife a lesson (unless the cop specifically said he'd let her off with a warning if her record was clean).

#12 It is possible. Considering she was pleasant and apologetic during the ticket the officer was very likely to give her a warning for the speeding. For her husband, the officer could state that he was "interfering with the job and duties of a law enforcement officer". Telling a cop off is protected under the First Amendment, at least a few lawsuits have indicated as such, but it's all based on how the cop takes it. A few overreact and apparently arrest the individual, but all too often they would issue a ticket. If a kid was in the car as well, the cop could ticket him for "contributing to the delinquency of a minor".

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My parents always had split accounts. My mom's account went for things like food, consumable purchases, shelter, clothing, and stuff for me and my sister. My dad's paid his car payment and cigarettes. Believe it or not, they're divorced now.

Op you should invest in some duct tape (:

Well 22, my statement came through experience with my parents and now my older brother, him and his wife formed a joint account recently (a month after their wedding).

"Made a scene to teach his wife a lesson". What kind of idiot takes the husband making fun of the cop as teaching his wife a lesson? I think your infering too much, they both were in the car and therefore both probably aware of what speed they were going. As for the comment the husband was just openning his dumb mouth and now they have to pay the ticket. Who cares who pays- they're married! Joint account or not, consequences affect them both.

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Yeah, just slap a "Shut the **** up" sticker on your husbands mouth

And people wonder why divorce rates are so high, couples don't even trust each other or have any reasoning skills. Just look at the money. If a couple can't just put all of their money together if they love each other... Then clearly they have some issues with management or are prepared for the relationship to end, even if it's in 10 years. Married or not married, people need to work out those stupid issues and everyone would be happier!

How does having money together take away their rights to things they want? The only thing it's safer or is or a breakup. Living in the same home, eating the same food, paying the same bills, why would they possibly need different accounts? You still have the same amount of money, so putting it all in the same account(or obviously more for organizational purposes or safety if you like) only makes sense. It doesn't stop your mom or dad from occasionally getting what they want as individuals.

Next time tell him to shutup before all the stupid comes out.

Somebody isn't having sex for a while haha

Rule #1 for when you get pulled over is: "Shut the **** up". Just ask Chris Rock, he made an advisory video on it.

No, OP broke rule #1: Obey the Law. Hubby broke #2: Shut the &%$# Up.

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And this is why we take the time to ensure we've got a roll of duct tape readily available. I'm sure it would've stopped the stupid.

Tell your husbabd that cops like McDonalds, not donuts. Some people!! Gosh. -_-'

have you never watched a cartoon or something where the cop is eating always eating donuts?

What are you talking about? Don't you know that BntyHntrSeatlle is just purely exceptional with sarcasm, in fact I think he is one of the best commenters ever!

Wow, that's rude and incredibly stupid on his part

If I were her I would have slapped his stupid ass for making such comment. Not all cops are assholes.

And then comes the domestic assault charge.

Please tell me you were driving cause your husband was completely drunk

No...she was driving because her husband is 100% moron.

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I'd make him pay for the ticket. This is a case of think before you speak!

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Since they're married, it doesn't really matter who pays the ticket.

@20 That's not totally true. They could have separate bank accounts for personal spending (many couples do, especially if they both work).

Or she should pay for it because she was the one speeding

Tell your husband to make an account here and start commenting. His idiotic sense of humour would fit right in.

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Number 49 I think you have some brown stuff on your nose *brushes nose*

#49 is just trying to reach for that bottle he sees in doc's picture. Psst **it isn't his own pic!**

Husbands, ruining things since 2000 B.C.