By trollbot13 - 24/10/2016 09:39 - India - Hyderabad

Today, I was fired from my job because I, in my boss's words, "Abided by company policy to such an extent that customers were starting to hate me." FML
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Look, man, I know you need their address for documentation, but following them home isn't the way to do it.

Rule number 1: There are no rules


How does that even work?

My guess is that OP didn't bend over backwards for demanding customers like some places will do.

A lot of places have stupid policies, that nobody actually follows, and you are not supposed to actually follow. They make things harder on everyone, and really just exist to save the owner's ass. OP was probably following those policies.

#16, i hear you. My policy is this: People who follow the rules and work with integrity don't have to worry about snitches and micromanagers.

that's exactly the opposite of what #16 just said, #18

Look, man, I know you need their address for documentation, but following them home isn't the way to do it.

Rule number 1: There are no rules

Literally, I swear every job I've gone for, they tell you the rules and policies then you learn most of it doesn't apply

While some things are company policy, even managers decide things on a case by case basis. You should always attempt to fulfill a customer's request, and if it is not possible, find a way to politely turn them down. It's hard to tell if this is a YDI or not since there are sometimes people that ask for ridiculous things.

Are you one of those tele-callers?

You're not in the USA so I can't say "sue for wrongful termination"

That's not a thing everywhere in the US. Like in Tennessee, it's a right to work state, meaning they can fire you for whatever they want.

So... you got fired for doing your job correctly?

So why were you fired from your last job? I followed the rules. Ask my employer. As a side note OP would the army be good to try? I think they quite like people who follow the rules?

This kind of thing always pisses me off. What's the point of having policies and rules if you're allowed to change them around?

to avoid lawsuits.

I wasn't fired for it, but I know how you feel. At my old job, corporate had rules they told us to follow or we would be fired, but the store managers would often violate them and get us to too, even getting angry if we didn't abide by what they said. It was incredibly aggravating. I got into an argument with my keyholder once because she told me to violate a policy (entering an item in manually, which doesn't show which item was bought, just the price, so it messes up inventory), I refused and went and got the item to scan it, took 2 seconds, the other customers can wait for that. She was angry, but I wasn't risking my job because she can't follow the proper rules.