Tall grass

By Anonymous - 16/06/2011 14:43 - United States

Today, as I was mowing my neighbor's lawn, I found the Playboy magazine he'd left in his yard. I found it with the mower. I spent the next hour picking up little shards of naked women for no extra pay. FML
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why would he leave something like that in his yard. weirdo.


Jiraiya RULES! On topic, since you are so patient with useless tasks, you may as well piece most of it together, attach a note and shove it through the letterbox.

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Should have left them there. No minds seeing a naked womans parts, we are beautiful.

Yes 43. Half tit must be quite a view. Personally, I would have resolved the puzzle before.

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63, some guys can't get more than that, you know?

i know i sound stupid, but what does lyllgygu stand for?

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well that's better than picking up dog poo.

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I assumed he/she was replying to 4

did yaw buss off on his lawn? KEKEKEKE "wus aw dis wite shit!" KEKEKEKE

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If it was an old copy it was probably the first and last time she's been shaved.

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101- You were right:) my iPad screwed it up :)

Where is the FML here? It was a ******* Playboy, the only bad part is that OP didn't get paid. They could have just used a rake or something..

All right, and Hidan's here to throw in his two cents!

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As long as Madara doesn't show up we're good.

If Tobi found a playboy magazine, things would get interesting

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I thought jiriah was dead...

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Lots of people like *Naruto, and judging by your ignorant comment, you don't.

AFTER OP gets paid. The guy might get pissed. haha

so.. u ran over HIS magazine that HE hid in HIS yard? and you picked it all up? I would've made him eat that shyt if he told me to pick it up

Nothing quite as fascinating as public masturbation..... .....or as creepy.

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couldn't he have just use the rake?

OP's not dedicated. Here's what really happened... OP was cutting the grass using a riding mower while masturbating to a playboy. The wind got a hold of the magazine and he ran it over. OP was simply covering up for himself.

I would have left the yard in a sticky mess.

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19, your icon goes well with that comment.

**** ya leave the pics where the were and have some fun :P

why would he leave something like that in his yard. weirdo.

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at least it's trash with money shots all over them...

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at least he gotta a better view while he was working........

That just makes everyone's day, right?

A mans gotta have his porno, especially in Texas

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We have the hottest chicks in America in Texas. You sir, are retarded.

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Nope Texas does not have the hottest chicks sorry.

*looks at 17's profile picture* Yeah, they need their ****.

unless your in to tattooed ugly bitches.

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The bible is **** in texas. the pb is just beyond me.

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Ironic that the first thing Sailor says on her profile is don't judge my tats xD.

#28,61, Shut up? 17 is not ugly, and I'm from Texas. Thats offending. And we have some of the most beautiful girls here in Texas. And the prettiest NFL cheerleaders, Dallas Cowboy cherrleading. Js.

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17- if your fiancée is a "master mechanic for BMW, you wouldn't be living in Texas... The master mechanics would be sent to Florida to be trained and sent to one of their factories.

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The hottest chicks in America are probably in California. Just saying.

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78 being a master tech doesn't always necessitate being at a plant. master techs or the shop leads are the guys with the most ase's and factory training. therefore the most qualified to work on certain models. similar to the Nissan master techs that are the only ones aloud to work on the Gtr and leaf.

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I honestly don't think cheer is a sport. soccer however is where its at ;)

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in Texas there's steers and queers but I don't see any cows. lmao

By the way to everyone, I wasn't trying to say that women in Texas are ugly from my first comment, honestly.

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106- when you go to set your birthday set it as 12 and it will jump back a number to 11 it did that to me too.

Most of you probably have never been to Texas, and it's a great place.

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112-you shouldn't assume things. I have been to texas. it's hot, humid, and muddy. it pretty much sucks.

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You guys are seriously retarded. We spent six months in Arizona for the STEP program and now he works out of the BMW dealership in Austin you ignorant ass. Before you small minded people open your mouth, do me a favor and shoot yourself.

Ok, you guys all need to calm down. 17 is pretty, Texas has the same amount of hot chicks as any other state, and why was there a spat about cheerleading? All of this is kind of silly to be arguing about.

17 is ugly as ****. just another typical angsty "I-am-so-******-hardcore-i-don't-give-a-shit-bout-how-e-world-judges-me-and-I-can-survive-alone-in-this-world-with-my-19-year-old-fiancé-and-we're-gonna-last-forever.-****-cash-****-jobs-and-****-school.-that's-how-punk-rock-I-am." teen. I'm just saying.

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Holy shit CEG3 just started a whole fight on this thread! stop arguing its a website/app you dont need to prove your points no matter how retarded other people are. btw 17 you arent really a looker yourself)

131; You have no room to talk about someone's appearance when you don't have enough balls to put a picture of your actual face. 17; You're actually not ugly at all. Don't listen to all of these ass holes.

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omg wow yall are actually fighting about texas!? dont call 17 ugly, thats disrespectful, and none of yall have seen EVERY girl in texas so you cant say theres no pretty chicks, and whoever said cheerleading isnt a sport needs to shut up, those girls work their asses off! everybody needs to shut up about other states, nobody gives a damn.

dear 137, what has my lack of a photo of myself have to do with balls? if that is how this works, u don't have e balls to send me pics of your ****! does it work this way? hmm. :) yours sincerely 19eightyeight

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Did you at least put them back together and whack off.

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if he spent all that time to put it back together, he has some issues if he didnt.

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they could have just ran over it a couple more times, scooped it up, and either buried it or threw it away...

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how did u not see it before u ran it over?

Exactly. Why should you get paid extra to fix your own mistake?

If grass is tall enough, it can conceal something quite well until you go over it with the mower.

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it shouldv been easy they woulda stoodout with the lotion in it

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Did you get any enjoyment out of it ?

hah bet he was all excited every time he found a piece of boob! on a side note animalover, you kinda look like Angelina Jolie.

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Thanks Ive been told :) . And probably but he makes it seem like such a torture