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By rofld - 14/07/2010 16:47 - United States

Today, I ran over a newspaper with the lawnmower, instantly volunteering myself to pick up confetti for hours. FML
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You must've had some tall grass to not notice a newspaper.

JCo352 3

I would have just sprayed it with a hose, it's biodegradable.


You must've had some tall grass to not notice a newspaper.

tellmeastoryplz4 0

dang that sucks but u volunteered!!!

islandjew247 0

well, it IS biodegradable :) ♥

you could of taken the easier way out. just move from New York to Mexico and learn Spanish and become the owner of mexico... 's little corner store in a little town.

pretend you didn't see it lmfao

You could use a vacuum!


What #1 said

23 I still say my idea is easier.

agree with number 1. #2 Fail.

tarabelle 7

lol my mom did that yesterday....but it rained so most of it is gone now

ydi for not having one of those lawn mowers that puts the waste in a bag

nikki908 3

Maybe the Op was using one of those huge drivable Lawn mowers. I find it super fun to lawn with that. It's hard to see some things though...

Woow... wait, thay have lawnmowers with bags? :o Well how would I know, I don't do lawns... no offense :)

not really an fml

sports_chika 0

you should always clear the yard before you mowe the lawn...duh

i agree with #1 how did u not see it

Waffcakes 0

you couldve vacuumed the grass (:

vacuum it or use a leaf blower retard

Dr_Pepper_fml 3

Um, really, who the **** would vacuum their front yard?! On a different note, I house sat for my boss for a week and their asshole dog would, EVERY single morning, tear up the newspaper if I didn't get up at 7am and wait for the paper boy to come around. I feel your pain.

I would definitely use a vacuum, makes for an interesting scene. :)

omigish..! Nothing a little lint roller cant solve.

"Howdy neighbor..." "Hey doug!" "Uhhh what are you doing there Big D?" "Ohh you know, just vacuuming the front lawn... how's little sally doing? I heard she ran into quite some trouble at school." :)

1-uhm your ugly and you have a big ass nose O_O I'm sorry just had to say that.

ibanez370 0

61 that was kinda mean ;/ i think shes really pretty!

CoolAsian Stop ******* following me, you goddamn piece of gutterscum. You comment on nearly every comment of mine insulting me. It's not my fault your parents didn't want you. Get a ******* life, you annoying stalker. I hope someone hits you with a bus. That is all.

EddieYoung1991 0

balls and *******

clean it up to madonnas celebration song

not really a fml; you'll get over it :)

dont have so much fun mowing the lawn next time

u shouldve used a dust buster

gtdoll 0

Agree with Intoxicunt.... on the bright side: Confetti :D!

squirell_AIDS69 0

use a rake to clean it up

amerrah 4

shoulda got a vacuum

fmlstarperson 0

exactly what i was ****** thinking

BabyDacey 0

yay partyyyyyyy :D

Rhanno 0

hahaha I agree. OP u might as well put them in a bag and use it as party decorations. just think outside the box haha no i'm jk dnt

OhWowFYLindeed 0

I'd be way too lazy to pick that up... :/

just get a leaf blower and pretend it never happend

czarofandronia 0

did u get it on video? lol that must have looked cool xD

don't lawnmowers suck up the grass and or newspaper? or you could just soak your lawn and dissolve the newspaper... YDI for probably a good reason I can't think of

haha no, he could sweep the grass

it's called a rake

islandjew247 0

not. :) ♥

quent10 0

lol fail

nikki908 3

I'm sorry sir, but it seems that you have failed. Get the hell out of my house...Please?

Does it hurt that Toxic even took the to write a real comment?

I have yet to understand why people say "first" If you are first no one cares, and if you aren't you look like an idiot.

I'm so sorry I'm going to kill myself, cya :)

supergirl69_fml 0

that blows :(

Michael_92 20

Rake anybody??

that sux. i hate it when i do that.

cupcake_whore 0

ahahaha FML!

iSitt 0

well narrated

JCo352 3

I would have just sprayed it with a hose, it's biodegradable.

Hehe, nicely phrased:)

serj_fml 0

a lazy person always works double!!!!

its called a rake

the_flirtt 0

I think confetti would be hard to pick up with a rake

A rake probably won't work. The lawn mower can sometimes pick it up though.

CrAzImArIe2012 0

okk how do you not see a newspaper laying there! #13 totally agree!:)