By Lebac - 14/04/2015 08:33 - United States - Burlington

Today, I went to feed my neighbors' chickens while they were on vacation. I noticed the TV on inside, so I peeked in to see if the place was being messed with. Guess who found the neighbor home early, fully naked, and jerking off. FML
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#31 the comments were posted at the exact same time.

So you could say he was choking the chicken, eh?


So you could say he was choking the chicken, eh?

Don't expect to get liked for saying the same thing as #1

#31 the comments were posted at the exact same time.

Great minds think alike ...

just wondering if he exploded at you after this

Considering the context... hopefully not.

if he was back why wasnt he feeding his own chickens??

My best guess would be that the owner was lying. I could be wrong though

Shadowvoid 33

"Guess ho found the neighbor home early" OP didn't know their neighbor was home and maybe the neighbor already fed the chickens and OP didn't know.

yeah i re read it after i posted it and realised thats what was said... the neighbour could have had the decency to let them know he wasnt needed to feed the chickens anymore...

Bummer! You can't erase that from your mind.

Did you help him play with his peckers?

He has more than one?

Of course, that's why OP was over there! He/she had to feed them.

He wanted you feed the chickens while he choked his.

*insert masturbation joke here*

so funny, howd you come up with that one?

Probably by overworking his single braincell.

They owe you free chicken for the rest of the year for you to eat, so you can afford to go to therapy to wipe that scene from your brain.

Guess that cock got him up early.

lauralabia3 13

hopefully he brought you brain bleach as a thank you present, for looking after his fowl....