By squidwardpotatoes - United States

Street art

Today, I went to the movies. Not only did the movie end up being awful, but I came to my car to find out someone drew Squidward from SpongeBob, with large letters spelling, "I LIKE POTATOES!" on my windshield. In permanent marker. FML
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  xenomorph  |  0

Ethanol, acetone, methylene chloride, diethyl ether, benzene . . . you have a variety of ways to get it off.

#60, you probably used an organic solvent (such as one I mentioned), not water.
#84, not quite . . . Windex(R) is water-based.

By  IrocAClassic  |  0

If goo gone, rubbing alcohol or a dry erase marker doesn't work, you can take a razor blade and scrape it off. The easiest way to do this is with one of those scrapers you can buy at an auto parts store.