By Anonymousse - 13/11/2015 12:34 - United Kingdom - Pontypridd

Today, my roommate came home after a night of heavy drinking and started urinating on my bed. When I confronted him, he just slurred, "Sorry, thought it was my bed." FML
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You could punch him in the face without him even remembering it

He took pissing you off to the next level!


rmays96 15

Yes because it's totally normal to pee on your own bed!

Makes it warm so when you get in it, it isn't freezing cold :)

But then it eventually gets cold and then you have a cold, wet, smelly bed >

Well, it gets cold quickly unless you keep peeing on it whenever it gets cold.

You could punch him in the face without him even remembering it

It's always fun to piss the bed, until you have to come sleep in it. But in this case, I guess not. Make him pay to get you new sheets or to clean them.

I think you and I have different ideas of fun.

I think so too.

Heck, since he was so drunk, just switch mattresses. Get a whole new bed and stick him with the stinky piss one.

I hope he was just really out of it and peeking on his own bed isn't a regular occurrence... Make sure he cleans it up though!

The problem is, unless op happens to have a waterproof mattress protector, the urine is going to seep into the mattress. Could ruin a perfectly good mattress. Gross.

Don't piss where you sleep.

He took pissing you off to the next level!

andrmac 25

More pissed on!

Shit doesn't happen.

A07 48

Drunk people should be put inside a large air bubble to make everyone's lives easier

People should just learn to know their limit so they don't go destroying everyone else's and their own lives. How many people have done horribly stupid things to themselves or others and blamed it on being drunk to the point where they no longer know or remember what they're doing? They use it as an excuse and then go and get drunk to that point again. Know your limit people, or don't drink. Simple.

Know your limit, stay within it! :)

I really hope you corrected him and walked him to his own bedroom to relieve himself.

He just wanted to warm you up a bit.