By noraidk - 26/05/2010 18:35 - United States

Today, a few friends and I ran through sprinklers at our school until we were all soaked. Then we were told that they put fertilizer in the water. I'm soaked in manure. Now I know why it tasted weird. FML
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now u can say u know wat crap tastes like

gross yet disturbingly funny, just because it didn't happen to me. if it did, I wouldn't find it funny at all

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NO!!! stop the comments with the word 'shitty'! I will murdah anyone who includes the word 'situation' alongside 'shitty' or 'crappy'!! Oh, I did that all in mine... So long world!

I'm pretty sure they wouldnt put poop in the sprinkler system. it was probably chemical fertilizer. either way, that's nasty

^ Now that he's gone I can finally comment on this shitty situation and how crappy it must have been for the op.

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Now that I came to realize I cannot be destroyed, I'll take over the world! You and ur cat will be the first and second to perish >=:]

24. wow that's such a crappy situation don't you think??

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that made me laugh out loud. :]

+=X.x Whatacritty situation. Oops.Lol,thatwasacrappysentance. Nowyou'reallgoingtoinsultme. Whatashittysituationforme.

Make orange napalm kangaroos eat you!

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this comment has nothing to do with the FML...I'm buzzed and I like it...mod me if you dare...bitchez

lol that sucks xD that's being nice you tasted it? usually sprinklers used by schools and other large properties have some sort of fertilizer in it Fail :P

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YDI for being immature. Who the **** runs through sprinklers now except little five-year-olds?

73- i do lol jk but u have a point, OP must have been bored

#73, maybe people who know how to have fun instead of being boring like you?

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#73 I do, it's pretty fun. There's a school down my block and they leave them on for 2 hours. So my sister and I go get went when there's nothing to do at home. Even tho we have a pool back at home.

our school doesnt have sprinklers hahaha they are cheap i guess

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I was told that there was, I was gonna go home right after, and idc if there was crap in it or not, it's still funny. seesh!

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u must have been havin quite a shitty day.

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Aaaahh! Ew! It's always so much fun to run through sprinklers too. I bet you'll think twice now before running through sprinklers again. fyl

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Now you can say "this tastes like sh*t" with authority!

Sprinklers are fun! But you shoulda noticed a "smell" before a "taste" so either fake or YDI.

You spell very well for being 5 years old!!!

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wow that's disgusting... but I hope you had fun running through the sprinklers I haven't done that in years!

24 kinda sounds like that one guy from zack and miri make a porno. 

bezach 0

actually it's sewage water. I found that out last week... yuck.

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Thad just hilarious(:...!!! lmao

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When i was younger, me and my friends were at a park and we ran through some sprinklers =P i tasted some water cuz it got into my mouth. It tasted weird. Now i know why XDDD

littlemissdqgirl 8

You know what's gross? Being interupted when you're eating dinner to the sound of a baby splattering against the window. And when you put it in the oven to make a souflè, you remember that you're out of salt. Babies taste awful without any spices.

littlemissdqgirl 8

omgosh 55 I don't know if I should laugh or cry? that is so random

Lmao!!!! I couldn't help but laugh at fatmonkey!!!

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afatmonkey! I missed you! stay away from my baby.

afatmonkey, where have you been. I also hate babies. I work In a grocery store in an extremely rich neighborhood and they are brats there.

speakiing of poop their kids will look like poop with four arms and three eyes haha

Bet you'll think twice before doing that again. YDI idiot! I hope you get sick!

You hade a.... wait for it! "Crappy Day!!!!"

ydi for being an idiot that runs through sprinklers at school...

You'd think you'd be able to tell that the water had manure in it. Manure isn't exactly a subtle smell...

#17 OP specifically said "I'm soaked in manure"...

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...And OP could very well be wrong, is the point #17 was making.

#64 Okie dokie then. I didn't mean to come off as a jerk, I swear! :P

jisaac09 25

Yea.... you dont send manure in water for the sprinklers.... You put chemicals in it.... OP think before you speak next time, if you dont realize your waste is carried out in (usually) three to four inch pipe, the sprinklers dont have near the volume to push solid waste....

#76 I wasn't aware of that. OP said manure, so I assumed that OP was more informed about what was in the water than I was...

#76, if the OP was right the manure would probably have been diluted with water which might of made it possible to sprinkle... But most probably chemicals were used in the making of this FML

jisaac09 25

Sewage diluted by water is called drinking water..... My water is pulled from a river, the same river that communities upstream dump sewage in.... If it wasd diluted that much it wouldnt have a smell or a taste.... or any fertilizing properties besides that of rain water.....

First of all, sewage is treated. Second of all, drinking water is treated

shit out of luck!! now go take a shower!!

littlemissdqgirl 8

15 I'm speachless *shakes head* I can't unsee that *hands over face*