By noraidk - 26/5/2010 18:35 - United States
Today, a few friends and I ran through sprinklers at our school until we were all soaked. Then we were told that they put fertilizer in the water. I'm soaked in manure. Now I know why it tasted weird. FML
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  sharpl916  |  0

NO!!! stop the comments with the word 'shitty'! I will murdah anyone who includes the word 'situation' alongside 'shitty' or 'crappy'!! Oh, I did that all in mine... So long world!

  maxdashz  |  0

Whatacritty situation. Oops.Lol,thatwasacrappysentance. Nowyou'reallgoingtoinsultme. Whatashittysituationforme.

  00yoda4  |  0

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my name is Mickal J. Caboose and I hate babies

  rawrcupcakesz  |  0

#73 I do, it's pretty fun. There's a school down my block and they leave them on for 2 hours. So my sister and I go get went when there's nothing to do at home. Even tho we have a pool back at home.

  RevengeOnYou  |  0

When i was younger, me and my friends were at a park and we ran through some sprinklers =P i tasted some water cuz it got into my mouth. It tasted weird. Now i know why XDDD

  afatmonkey  |  0

You know what's gross? Being interupted when you're eating dinner to the sound of a baby splattering against the window. And when you put it in the oven to make a souflè, you remember that you're out of salt. Babies taste awful without any spices.

  jisaac09  |  25

Yea.... you dont send manure in water for the sprinklers.... You put chemicals in it.... OP think before you speak next time, if you dont realize your waste is carried out in (usually) three to four inch pipe, the sprinklers dont have near the volume to push solid waste....

  fellie_fml  |  0

#76, if the OP was right the manure would probably have been diluted with water which might of made it possible to sprinkle...

But most probably chemicals were used in the making of this FML

  jisaac09  |  25

Sewage diluted by water is called drinking water..... My water is pulled from a river, the same river that communities upstream dump sewage in....

If it wasd diluted that much it wouldnt have a smell or a taste.... or any fertilizing properties besides that of rain water.....