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  nyahz1  |  7

Ok so now that we have established that you work at office depot....WTF! Unfortunately sarcasm is not in the customer service manual so what did you say to them...and if thats not the worst thing you have been asked then what is??

  Pleonasm  |  34

The FML consists of this, which is considered shocking and weird to some, becoming almost commonplace to OP. Her desensitisation due to past questions is what makes the FML and her casualness is what might make it humourous to some.

Referencing the weirder things and only hinting at them, making them relative to this experience instead of revealing them outright is a more effective way of conveying the frequency and the intensity of the weird questions she gets to witness, and allows us to use this as a measuring bar and let us imagine the weirder things that could have happened.

Was that SO hard to not be obtuse about?