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Today, it was the girl of my dreams' birthday. She already knows I am totally in love with her. So for her birthday I decided to buy her a $60 dollar bottle of rum for her and her friends to have fun with. She picked it up from my house with her new boyfriend waiting in the car. FML
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That really sucks. That's when you grab the bottle from her after she grabs it, smash it on the new boyfriend's head, and talk to the girl to find out why she has ANOTHER boyfried, without breaking up with you first (but it'll probably turn into yelling). I hate unfaithful people...

  Thalymor  |  0

From what I can tell, she wasn't unfaithful. OP said he was crazy in love with her, not that they were dating. He's just a doormat and keeps giving her stuff in hopes of winning her over.


so wait... if you write that out, for her birthday you got her a sixty dollar dollar bottle of rum?so did you, like, get a sixty dollar bottle of dollar store rum? do they even make those?

  Massdebater  |  1

I was gonna make a joke about her blowing his birthday candle...but I was beaten to it... instead I shall say, man up OP you fuckin pussy!! firstly, ditch her, it'll make her want you, and if she doesnt then it was never gonna happen.. secondly, $60 rum isn't meant for her and her fucktard friends to get wasted on. next time buy a few litres of vodka...


What is with everyone; acting as if his gift is so expensive?? Some of you make it sound as if OP is going to go homeless because he spent $60 on a bottle of alcohol. I don't know where you people buy your alcohol... but for trying to impress the "girl of my dreams" on her b-day, a $60 bottle of rum isn't a big deal.

keep in mind his goal was "for and her friends to have" a good night ;)

  WeselyDa  |  0

shit I'd say grow a sack and make her fall in love with u... although it is a little creepy how u buy them rum.. but still if u want her do sumthin about it!!

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#121 $60 isn't too much to spend on a girl who actually returns your affections and appreciates your efforts, but in this case the girl is just taking advantage of his generosity.

  tygerarmy  |  35

today, it's my girlfriends birthday and she insisted we stopped by the house of this guy who is stalking her, because he continually gives her expensive gifts in attempts to steal her from me. We now have a really expensive bottle of rum to drink and this is not my batman cup. fml.

  distopia92  |  0

the op was just saying that he really liked her and she knew that, and she brought her boyfriend down as a put down even though she knew what he was trying to do, and by 'NEW BOYFRIEND' means that she just got into the relationship with him and it was so recent he didn't know about it, if he did he wouldn't have got her the gift, FyL for not knowing about the new guy sorry dude

  bozo92  |  0

um you ever see that guy at the corner of the room that always is starring at you while you are in class, if not its cuz you're that dude, dont be a stalker dude just be friends with her hah

  knibbsy  |  4

I completely agree. Seeing someone who's crazy about someone else go out of their way for them and do unnecessary shit when the other person doesn't feel the same way makes me very angry. It's called reality, sometimes it sucks but that's how life works. OP is a fucking dumbass. Huge YDI for this.

  mysoubriquet  |  3

The average sentence length used to be 27 words, it's now 10 words. Read more intelligently wriiten literature (Twilight does't count) and maybe when you see gramatically correct - and appropriately long - sentences you won't automatically think they are run-on sentences or missing periods.

  animejen1988  |  9

I think FallyourLs was talking to sheribb.

"you loser seriously get a grip move on ur like a door mat do u know what I don't believe this it's pathetic"

That "sentence" is not correct by any standards.