By bbns - 14/01/2009 11:57 - Germany

Today, I organized a party, invited a girl I've been secretly in love with for years, as well as a friend of mine who brought along an unknown mate of his. The party was fine, although the unknown mate threw up all over the floor. Now, the girl is dating that unknown mate and is in love with him. FML
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i think you just saved yourself some hassle if she's into guys that puke

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'in love' is a pretty strong phrase to use on a girl you basically just have a 'big crush' on. and your life isn't ******, she must have low self esteem or some other issues that would compell her to fall in love with a stranger at a party that threw up all over someone elses house. i'd say good for you, you don't have to deal with her stupidity and you actually get to move on and find a girl with some self worth.


i think you just saved yourself some hassle if she's into guys that puke

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Don't you know that it's a cardinal rule that you never let your friends bring extra guys to a party that you're throwing to hook up with someone?

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that sucks good for the unknown mate though

******* you 14 y/olds need to ficking stop saying love. you ain't seem shit at 14 so stfu

Well, she has poor standards then. You can do better.

u deserved it

if you've liked her for years then u deserve it for not doing anything in those YEARS

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aww c'mon #2, people just start the FML with "Today" So that it gets posted up...

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hold on.. i counted 3 guys and 1 girl......

She had to choose someone.

wat a ******* ass! :-( FYL.

#2 & #5, to get past moderation it needs to start with 'Today'. Also, op shouldve made a move earlier. :3

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