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Today, I explained to my five year-old son that the dinosaurs were wiped out because of a meteorite that hit our planet. He replied, "They should've stood out of the way." FML
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He's only 5 you know. It's not a big deal that he doesn't understand what a meteorite is...

Yeah, my stupid 3 year old son can't even do calculus. Darn idiot.


Not sure why this is an FML. How's a 5yo supposed to know about meteorites and mass extinctions?

Maybe the OP meant to write 15 year old? Because there is no way a 5 year old answering that way is bad/unexpected/stupid. They are 5.

He's only 5 you know. It's not a big deal that he doesn't understand what a meteorite is...

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the names given to these floating rocks aren't based on their size, but rather where they are and how far they go if they impact a planet. An asteroid is just a rock lazily floating through space. A meteorite is an asteroid that managed to survive its impact with the atmosphere (called a meteoroid once it hits the atmosphere) long enough to hit the ground (it's name changes from meteoroid to meteorite upon impact).

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Can't argue with logic like that.

Those gosh darn dinosaurs, always getting in the way of meteors.

You could've been more subtle about it since he's only 5. There's no way he's going to know what meteor is this young.

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You know for five years old his logic is right on lol. Sounds like you got yourself one wise kid lol

It wouldn't have crossed moderation. Unlucky you.

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Well you could always simplify it to him. Simply say that the dinosaurs went extinct because a space nuke hit the earth. This was a special nuke because it made the earth very dusty, so the dinosaurs can't breath and died.