By jealousgirl - 16/07/2015 21:00 - United Kingdom

Today, after having to spend over an hour yesterday giving the man I'm in love with advice on how to impress his date yesterday evening, I got to spend another hour listening to how great their sex was last night. FML
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Well, if you couldn't woman up and just tell him how you feel, you can't exactly complain when he dates other people.

The friend zone: Not just for boys.


Why are you giving him advice that is obviously working if you love him?

because she's not being selfish and manipulative..

BECAUSE she loves him. And because she's a good friend .

Yes, all the above but also because she doesn't have the guts to admit how she feels.

If she really loved him and was a good friend, she wouldn't be complaining that he's happy. In reality, she's just too wimpy to tell him how she feels.

Could just tell him that you can't give him fair advice because of your feelings for him. It's called grow up and use that backbone. Be direct and honest, if he doesn't like you back, at least you know, and at least he'll respect your honesty, and your feelings. I honestly don't understand why people can't just be grown ups about this sort of thing.

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That sucks OP I have been there before but you are a good friend for giving him advice even though you probably wanted to just scream that you love him

The friend zone: Not just for boys.

The friendzone doesn't exist. From what I gather, the op hasn't said anything to this friend, so how can he know anything. This friendzone is a position she placed herself in by not saying anything

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The friend zone: doesn't exist.

How do you know OP is a girl? Edit: saw OP's username... Nevermind, safe to assume she's a girl.

"The friend zone doesn't exist": Claim made by snotty know-it-alls with no sense of humor.

Yet it does. When your crush sees you as such a good friend that they will share all the intimate details of their relationship(s) with you. You're the first person they call when they've had a fight. You hear about every romantic thing their SO does for them. And because you're not a douchebag, you don't take advantage of it. I was into a girl who did this even though she knew how I felt. She wouldn't go out with me because she didn't want to risk losing her best friend. There is no friendzone that you do not walk into voluntarily. But once there, it is difficult to ever leave it. And we're still friends.

Well, if you couldn't woman up and just tell him how you feel, you can't exactly complain when he dates other people.

Maybe she did and he's not interested ?

Oh jesus, are we really doing this "woman up instead of man up because gender equality" stuff now? It's just a saying, I don't think any feminists would be offended if you told OP to man up.

I am deeply and horribly offended that you didn't capitalize the "J" in Jesus.

Check your privilege, 17, and stop tone policing me, you oppressive, experience-erasing dudebro! But in all seriousness, "woman up", just makes more logical sense when the OP is a woman. I can assure you, I'm not exactly a fan of Tumblr feminism.

Those are all terms Tumblr has started using recently? I haven't been keeping up with their nonsense. Thank you for enlightening me, those all sound hysterical. Off to Google for me!

If she told him, and he's not interested but continues to ask for dating advice, he's a heartless bastard.

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Hey, I've been here done this with my ex, he asked me advice about a girl he was talking to and how he could change to get her to like him better, had to hear about the awesome sex the next day. He knows I still love him he also knows that living on opposite sides of the country means we can't do anything about it. I feel bad for the op cuz I know how it feels

Um just tell him gow you feel? Probably shoulda done it before the date though..

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Well at least you know his preferences for future maybe?

If you haven't expressed by now how you feel, you're pretty much just putting yourself through this. I get being a good friend, but if you feel that way for him, it shouldn't be bottled up.

Maybe you should direct your own advice to yourself.

Sex on the first date... that must have been some pretty good advice

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You should just tell him how you feel honestly. Maybe he will respond back with mutual feelings or maybe not. If you're too nervous it might ruin the friendship then just stay friends but don't talk about him and other woman for a while. Anything is better than torturing yourself by listening to how he goes on dating and the after date sex.