By SadGuy - 26/04/2011 06:18 - United Kingdom

Today, the ex-girlfriend I'm still in love with sent me an old picture with the caption, "I miss us." She looked beautiful and happy. Too bad I'm not the guy she's kissing in the picture. FML
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flickyourbic1223 7

Does anyone else think she did it on purpose?

Send her a picture of your dick, with the caption; "You miss this?"


flickyourbic1223 7

Is your name like the rf poem?

Send her a picture of your dick, with the caption; "You miss this?"

Maybe she wanted to sent it to the other person?

funnyFMLSplz 0

what a second. I actually think the OP's ex is trying to give a sign...

131 your an ass, maybe she wasn't good enough for him, or she was sex mad and his small dick couldn't fulfill her needs

print it off a4 size, then wank off over it and cum on her face

takeapieandrun 9
takeapieandrun 9

I just noticed my comment is almost the same as the first one...

Would have been better if you'd said: '10 points to Gryffindor!'. :P

10 points ro Hufflepuff! 'cause we all know they can't do anything right....

Beebow_fml 5

Maybe she missed being sad and bored with you, but didn't have anything to show for it.

thats cute.. i wish i had a dollar everytime that happened to me.. i would have had zero dollars.

Cuz you can't get a girlfriend at all?

ButtRaep 0

he means he likes guys and so doesn't have girlfriends

I think he meant to be funny but utterly failed but that's just a theory.

It is also theory that it takes two hands to clap, however I found out my hand with your face makes a far better sound.

Krajjan 9

I would have 2 bucks. Then I sent them pictures of my new girlfriend. Even they admit she's hot. Small victories, man.

I wasn't being funny.. its true that i can never find a girl friend because my wife doesn't allow me. By the way, my wife is my "left hand".

cheat on your wife with your right hand

hahahaha I laughed pretty hard at this 

117- hmmm that sounds like a good idea.. i will wait until my wife goes to sleep!

NoWaitNotNow 0

well, don't just sit there. Do something! Send her a letter telling of a great trip to a brothel and use explicit details. who cares if it didn't happen. at least she'll think you can still have "fun."

tell her you miss the way she used to do that thing with her tongue, no wait, that was her mum.

4XxXo_OxXx4 0

lol your pic is from an ETF mv right?

number 6 I like your thinking. only start the letter off " I can seem to remember you, are you the girl..."

NoWaitNotNow 0

Ouch that sucks! She must have got the address mixed up or the photo :(

you_failed 15

Aw poor you. That must have sucked big time... :| FYL indeed.

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flickyourbic1223 7

Does anyone else think she did it on purpose?

yeap. my ex did that to me for years, even after i had been married to someome else... she'd email me pics of her that were "imtended" for all her contacts and type in caps "sorry if got this by mistake" but then the only address she had on the email address line was mine... i felt bad for her!