By wallamanut - 14/12/2014 07:50 - United States - Portland

Today, my parents decided to finally kick me out of the house because they've gotten tired of seeing me "sleep around all day and being so lazy" whenever I'm home. I'm currently triple-shifting for 6 days a week. FML
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Man, parents sure can be hard on their kids..

How helpful they're you're tired and homeless


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ColonelCusswords 24

Im not sure people should take advice from someone whos account name is "Diarrhea_Volcano"

dyehardxen 19

But he's a colonel. That makes him trustworthy /s

Man, parents sure can be hard on their kids..

Well they should stop being such a slacker, only working triple shifts.. Pff.. But seriously op, sorry for the d-bag parents.

It's like people only read the first part of comments. I don't see why 47 was downvoted.

hippodankamus 22

Not sure why this was down thumbed, unless I'm the only one who saw sarcasm...

Oyas12 14

here in FML, everyone takes everything like an atomic bomb!

#4 your profile pic goes very well with the FML

I find this very hard to believe so correct me if I'm wrong but it sounded like op said the work literally 6 days a week before they get one day off because a shift is 8 hrs they work 3 shifts which means they work 24hr days for 6 of 7 weeks who is this person God. Is op creating worlds with the 7 day for rest. Is this the even newer testament where we prequel to gods parents and his life story. But again I may have read this wrong. Don't think I did but. I am not this person I am human and can make mistakes.

Hahahahahahaha... This seems incredibly familiar. Hopefully you have some mates that won't mind helping you out until you get on your feet! Good luck!

How helpful they're you're tired and homeless

I'm sorry OP hope you get a long break soon!

If you're "triple-shifting", when exactly are they able to see you sleeping? Some one is making something up.

She probably works night shifts and only has time to sleep in the day.

That would make sense if OP said "double". Maybe it's me, but a triple means they would never be home anyway, to be seen sleeping or to feel the ill effects of being homeless. Maybe we'll get a follow-up?

That's a weird way of showing they care.. Hopefully you can work something out or have a friend who you can turn to

trellz17 19

My parents had that same mindset, I just moved out and got my own place instead of dealing with it.

ColonelCusswords 24

Theres so many posts about asshole family members on this app