By tacolove69 - 16/02/2010 19:20 - United States

Today, I was late to dinner with my anal-retentive parents because my boyfriend was too busy making cock puppets in the shower to get ready to go. FML
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ummmm what the fuck are coxj puppets? and in the shower? I'm lost.

PsychoMerk 0

haha, anal and cock in the same sentence... might as well write a steamy story ;)


Apparently, you do. Anyways, what does anal retentive mean?

Jrook 0

I have a feeling that they mean sock puppets and thought this was mlia


Gumblebum100 0

ya know (I'm guessing) pretending your cock is a puppet and stuff...

I was guessing that the OP meant shadow puppets using his cock, but everyone else is saying otherwise.

yes, exactly, this is as bad of an FML as it could possibly get, I mean how could you rate it that she deserves it, but then again how could you say her life is fucked

lmao agreed

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Canada 18 Slovakia 0; FSlovakia'sL

add snowboardinbeast on nimmbuz

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mmmm sounds to me that she's just mad because she doesn't have a dick to make cock puppets with. Jealous much

^^^^^ Win

wait... WTF? what does this even mean?

A cock puppet is when you use your cock to mold/twist it into different shapes (balls are usually involved as well) to make shapes such as the hamburger, the snail, the wristwatch, and the chicken! it takes practice and a lot of stretching of the penis! I saw it on an hbo special! lol!!

I only came to this one because it said anal

Gepetto is the cock puppeteer and Pinocchio and his "growing nose" is the cock being used as a puppet. hope that helps. :0)

tweetbaby14 18

lol cock puppets how do you make those?

42 neither do you

You just had to use anal and cock-puppets in the same sentence didn't you.

ummmm what the fuck are coxj puppets? and in the shower? I'm lost.

cock puppets? haha

cock puppets?

same. what the heck is a "cock puppet"??

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I wanna play wit one of thoose...

jamieeeee 0

hmmm. I could help you. haha

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rawrtastic <-- win. always wanted to bang a hot goth like u, but they're so hard to find and rarely leave their natural habitat, (bedroom near the heavy metal posters) and I rarely trek through that region anymore

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ignor them. though I agree with them a goth girl is hard to find. or in your case a hard goth is good to find lol



its like when you move your fingers around to make shadow figures, withh your cockk im guessing.

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who cares?

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haha, anal and cock in the same sentence... might as well write a steamy story ;)

what the deuce?

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I'm with u fir using the word anal!!!!!

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anal more or less means to the point and I think I saw a special on cinemax on these "cock puppets"

purplemnm 9

what's a cock puppet? they sound fun... can I play with your cock puppet? o.o

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What the fuck is a cock puppet

do20ss 4

yes #8 u can, in 5 yrs when u r old enuff

purplemnm 9

in 5 years I'll be 23...o.o

nononono, its 0_o not o.o looks cooler.

purplemnm 9

oh sorry! 0_o

nice lmfao

oogyboogy 6

who else had to do that math in their head

Where else would you do it?

no not even the underscore makes you look stupid... 0.0 that's how you do it... or 0.o

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LOLWUT? How the fuck did this get past moderation?!

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you are a cock puppet.... lmao at people who don't know what a cock puppet is.

you sound like u know... tell us :D

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Question: does your boyfriend have a rubber penis

That's my best guess... Wanna try it? &gt;:D

purplemnm 9

I bet yours looks like a little turtle

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