By volleyballgirl - 28/02/2010 01:11 - United States

Today, at my volleyball tournament I was extremely pumped to start playing so I went to take my sweats off and everybody began to stare at me then I looked down to come to realize I had no spandex on, just a thong. FML
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oooh I'd stare too

points for creative distraction? /:D


did i just read a facepalm moment? lol

At which point the ref had to get "supervise" the bathroom with some "ball grease" and paper towels?

That might be hot unlesssss You put you're screen name is volleyballgirl but you're really a nasty old bald fat lo5er who wears tongs for boNer pleaser Hey just saying O_o

I agree with ^this.

besides that, us girls who play v-ball are usually fit, thanks to having to jump to block a ball over a 7ft net

the nets 7ft I didn't no that :) it's a good thing im 6ft and only 13 and still growing

Pics or it didn't have

LET ME SEE THAT THO-O-ONG! Baby! That thong tha thong thong thong. =D

I reply to the first post just to get my comment at the top.

#82- try playin on a guys net. they r talkin about raising it to 9ft. I'm only 5'9 and I'm a right side hitter. sucks, but I'll manage. haha

Watch how everyone reply to the first comment just so theyr comment will Get further up. Everybody, incliding me :3 @101 Win.

ooh. take it off, take it off babe. lol

Aw stop whining, i've seen short guys block twice as high as i can and i'm 6 ft.

And then you made a porno?

I wish I could see you baby YEAH!

us lacrosse players are also usually fit. very fit, I hate volleyball it's a weak sport of jumping and hitting a ball. big whoop. play a real sport and lay some motherfuckers out!

you try getting a ball thats being slammed down five feet infront of you to your setter, and then jumping and slamming it back, then tell me that volleyball is a weak sport.

yay i thought i was the only tall 13 year old well i just turned 14 still growing 2 :))

rixietrixie 25

So many people assume that by putting "lol" at the end of phrase, the vulgar context of said phrase is disregarded, meaning they can say anything...don't rely on assumptions

I facepalmed just reading it.

Eh. Rugby's better.

oooh I'd stare too

God damn! That must have been a sexy ass sight!!!

pics or it didn't happen

who would have pics of that? llike seriously., /:

@128, that's the first thing I would do.

yummy sounds súper sexy

oh that was you damn those pics i got are hot

if she's hot then fhl. if she's ugly than fuck everyone's life.

this is exactly why I keep my spandex on all day before a game. lol

Yeahhh..same..I mean OP couldve avoided that.

I actually sleep in my spandex and jersey and stuff before the day of a game

dang #4 youre hella cute^^

I know right imagine her in her spandex ahaa

haha that's hilarious!

where do you play?

hey sexy what's up

I want pics of all of these instances or none of them happened.

I usually wear an entire spandex morphsuit the whole week of the game. Shit... I dont even play sports

points for creative distraction? /:D

LOL that's what I thought #5! It's all part of the plan, the "Distract with ass". What a team player.

be glad you were wearing any panties at all. one time i was in the locker room changing for gym class nd i forgot tht i wasnt wearing any panties...then i got 3 days ALC. and i was in the fucking LOCKER ROOM.

Why weren't you wearing underwear? There's just really no excuse ever to not wear underwear...

... i like not wearing underwear sometimes. as being female, its perfectly acceptable and sexah.

Don't breed ever.

Haha, little prudes know nothing about going commando :D

personally i see nothing wrong with it. why its a bad thing to not wear underwear? somebody please explain

What is "ALC"?

7 cool story bro

Girls in thongs and going commando is hot!

oh nice! that's the kind if sexy mishap I wish I could see more of in Hyrule ;)

a cigarette? where?! :o I thought I smoked my last one a minute ago... hope it's menthol :"3

no. not funny.

I actually found his response to the insult rather amusing

Dude you're just weird...kill yourself

hahah funny funny. Didn't you feel the breeze when you took your pants off though?? haha, what if girls played volleyball in skimpy outfits. say... bra and panties, no... bikinis, damn that would be great! hey, what about outside? outside in the sun, in bikinis! I know, I know, the BEACH! life would be so sweet if only...

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I'll play!!!!