By notdaddy - 16/02/2015 16:39 - United States - Houston

Today, while talking with my ex, I mentioned I was depressed about turning 40. He said he'd been depressed about turning 40 as well, until he started screwing hot 20-somethings. We were still together when he turned 40. FML
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JMichael 25

Which is why he should stay your ex.

drayloon 50

You're only as old as who you are inside I mean, on the inside


Mid-life crisis at its finest. Sorry, OP!

I saw this same FML in the random section!!!

JMichael 25

Which is why he should stay your ex.

drayloon 50

You're only as old as who you are inside I mean, on the inside

That was smooth. I tip my hat to you, sir.

Was it a gay relationship? Your profile says you're a male

If it is who cares?

Greenteamextreme 16

What a dickface...

You have an awesome bio number 5

Are you the daughter of Dr. Evil? Lol

There is a reason he is your EX.

Oh god that's horrible, maybe better of not knowing... At least he is your ex though

What I don't get is, why even continue to talk to your ex? Certainly you could have found something else better to occupy your time.... Like making flapjacks.

Maybe they have young kids and are trying to keep the acquaintance civil for their sake? Maybe they work together or have mutual friends? Maybe they had ended the relationship well (though I'm sure with what happened, that's about to change)? Maybe they split up recently and have to get through a bunch of legal stuff together? There are tons of reasons why it might be so :P

According to OPs username and gender, he's a guy without kids. So obviously kids are out of the picture, and divorce might be too. (I'm assuming because he could have said ex-husband instead of ex) You can leave a relationship mutually and on a good note. Who knows, maybe OP is talking to his ex because he still likes him On a side note. Flapjacks sound great.

Oh wow, good catch, I hadn't even noticed that! I still wouldn't automatically rule out the husband part though, who knows, it could have been just to keep the FML as short and sweet as possible. In any case, I just find it annoying that people who end badly with their ex feel the need to criticize people who keep a good relationship with theirs. I mean, some people have been friends with their ex for years, try dating for a few months, and it doesn't work out. If they are still on friendly terms, I don't why people feel they should suddenly stop talking to each other. I guess every case is different though :P

I could guarantee he probably doesnt have kids as apparently hes gay

Not everyone breaks up on bad terms with their exes. I know alot of people who are still good friends with their exes.

What a slap in the face! I understand that you're no longer together but it's like he's bragging that he cheated on you. Dick move on his part.

Eyalsh 32

being a man, i can tell yo

Good thing your not together anymore