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62, the term "little" versus "younger," coupled with the fact that dumping tomato juice on someone is much more likely the action of a little kid, is the support for my argument that it probably was a little kid. Plus, if the op is going to a stupid backlight party, she's probably no older than a teen, so her bother must be even younger

  shannonreneee  |  11

64, the type of party doesn't give an indication to the age of OP as clubs still do events that are UV, so she could very well be 20. And just because you simply hadn't seen a tampon or understood its purpose at a young age, doesn't mean OP's brother shouldn't. The knowledge usually stems from having older female siblings, it's not a bad thing to be aware of.

  EvilUndead  |  9

88, all people are different, and some of them cannot be reasoned with. So, sometimes violence is the answer. Also, since he's her brother, (and not an offspring/child), then beating the crap out of him is the appropriate response in this particular situation. It is better to teach him now that ruining people's clothes for fun is a bad idea - because later some other (less friendly) victim of his joke might break his neck.